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Anaheim Shower Repair

Do you need to repair or replace a shower, tub, sink, or toilet in your Anaheim home or business? Leave all of the mess and work for the knowledgeable experts at Pristine Plumbing. Call us today at (714) 397-5954 or use our online chat feature to be put in direct contact with a friendly and knowledgeable dispatcher that can listen to you discuss your plumbing needs, answer your questions, and schedule a fully licensed and insured plumber out to your location as quickly as possible. We understand that not all plumbing issues are easy to identify and plumbing emergencies are never predictable. This is why we offer 24 hour customer care. Our dispatchers are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer a list of rotating special offers and discounts for military and senior citizens.

Quality Shower Repair and Plumbing Services in Anaheim

We know that there is nothing more frustrating or inconvenient than realizing that your tub, shower, sink, or toilet is leaking or clogged up. Dealing with the plumbing issues in your bathroom can be gross, time consuming and can slow down your day and disrupt your daily schedules. Call on the helpful professionals at Pristine Plumbing to assist with any repairs, upgrade, maintenance, and installation services. We are dedicated to finding the source and location of all of your plumbing problems and doing what we can to eliminate them so you can go back to your daily routines without disruption and stress. Our team of skilled plumbers are experienced, trained, and always equipped to solve your plumbing problems quickly, effortless, and efficiently. You can read our customer reviews for yourself and see why we are rated the most reliable plumbing company in Anaheim in shower repair and other plumbing related services.

Faucet and Fixture Repairs

Shower Repair Anaheim

Faucets are an important part of any Anaheim bathroom. From washing your hands to showering, they are used quite often and when they start to wear down or become damaged water can begin to leak and destroy everything around it if it is not addressed early on. This is why it is crucial that your faucets are in good working order. We provide faucet repair, upgrade, and replacement services to resolve all of your faucet problems to completely upgrade and transform the look of your bathroom. Leaks are very common and can lead to a lot of other issues if they are not repaired quickly enough.

Dealing With Clogged Drains?

If you are dealing with a frustrating clog or back up in your Anaheim home or business, our plumbing technicians have all of the necessary tools, training, experience, and equipment to remove even the most stubborn of clogs. We can remove any clog from your sink, toilet, shower, or tub drains. Clogs are common and often the result of buildup from things going down your drains like soap, dirt, hair, oil, bathroom tissue, feminine hygiene products, or other foreign objects making their way down your drains or being flushed down your toilet. Preventative maintenance and drain cleaning services can help to keep your pipes clean and running smoothly and efficiently.

Floor Drain Cleaning Anaheim

Common Signs Of Clogs

  • Bubbling, gurgling sounds coming from drains or toilet
  • Water backing up in sinks, tub or shower or sluggish drains
  • Toilet not flushing properly or backflow

While smaller clogs can easily be cleared by the use of a small drain snake, or a plunger, larger, deeper, and more complex clogs will require the assistance of a licensed professional plumber. Clogs that have been left unattended can cause pressure to build up within your pipes and force them to burst as a result. Avoid the mess of water or sewage destroying your home or business, by addressing clogs at the first sign of repeated plumbing issues or escalating issues. A lot of Anaheim home and business owners make the common mistake of pouring harsh chemicals from commercial drain cleaners down their pipes to clear out clogs. Though these products can work on small clogs, they can also strip away the inside of your pipes and cause a lot more damage in return. Commercial drain cleaners should only ever be used as a temporary, one time solution. Pristine Plumbing has all of the proper tools and uses the latest in Hydro Jetting technology to handle any clog.

Drain Cleaning Service Anaheim

If you are struggling with plumbing issues around your Anaheim home or business, or are in need of immediate shower repair services, call Pristine Plumbing today. Our friendly team is always here for you whenever you might need us. We do not close on weekends, or sundown. Our 24 hour customer care is top rated and unmatched. See our list of extensive plumbing services, and be sure to take advantage of our exclusive special offers that are designed to help you save money on various plumbing related services. When you need shower repair in Anaheim, give Pristine Plumbing a call.

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