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Pristine Plumbing offers many types of sink faucet repair services in Anaheim. Are you dealing with a leak? Perhaps you are making upgrades or remodeling your home? Do you have a broken faucet or fixture that needs to be replaced?

Call Pristine Plumbing today. We will help to repair, install and replace any sink faucet or fixture in your Anaheim home. Are you scared that you will not be able to choose the type of sink faucet or fixture that you want? Do not worry. By choosing Pristine Plumbing, you are still in full control and able to fully choose the brand, size, type, style, and design of faucet or fixture that will match your home’s aesthetic perfectly. Call Pristine Plumbing, or use our online chat feature to speak with a friendly dispatcher. They will work to get all of your questions answered and will have an experienced plumber dispatched to your location for an affordable, prompt, efficient sink faucet repair or installation.

Whether you are making upgrades to the fixtures in your home, or dealing with a leaky faucet, we are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or online chat and promise to help you tackle any plumbing issue of any size, any time of day or night. Read our many rave reviews listed on our website to see how well we have served Anaheim residents and business owners, and promise to do the same for you.

Sink Faucet Installation in Your Anaheim Home

Dripping Sink Faucet

Choosing a new sink faucet or fixture for your home can be overwhelming. You want to be sure the fixture you choose will match with the decor of the rest of the room and home. Having fixtures with the same color scheme, theme, type of metal, aesthetic, and functionality can really tie a room together. This is why Pristine Plumbing is here to help. We offer a wide variety of faucets and fixtures in every shape, size, and style to choose from.

Due to high use, the sink faucets in your Anaheim home experience a lot of wear and tear. Over time, they can start to wear down and experience a wide range of issues from water pressure, breaks, leaks, and drips or a constant flow of water. These types of issues can be a huge headache of any homeowner. Not only can drippy faucets be annoying to have to listen to day in and day out, but they can do major damage to your faucet and your water bill. A drippy sink faucet is a sign that you should have a plumber come out to repair or replace the faucet. If the problem is addressed early enough, the faucet can be easily repaired. Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case and it is in your best interest to replace the sink faucet with a new one.

Pristine Plumbing offers every home and business owner in Anaheim a wide variety in every type of faucet for you to choose from:

  • Hot water dispensers
  • Pull out high pressure sprayers
  • Shower heads
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Bathroom faucets
  • Laundry room faucets
  • Garage and outdoor faucets
  • Brand names at an affordable price
  • …and a wide range of fixtures
Kitchen Sink

Most kitchen faucets come with warranties guaranteeing their integrity for 1-5 years depending on the brand. However, the average kitchen faucet will last between 15 and 20 years. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance every 2-3 years to keep your faucets running their best for as long as they can. This will help to inspect O Rings, washers, water pressure, and signs of erosion and repair or replace what is needed. Oftentimes the valve inside of your faucet is the part that breaks most frequently. This is usually caused by sediments from hard water passing through the sink faucets and deteriorating the valve over time, causing it to break or leak. Repairing a faucet can be rather tricky for homeowners. It’s usually best to call an experienced plumber to avoid causing damage to pipes, your plumbing system, or your sink faucets or fixtures.

The installation of a sink faucet includes shutting off the water supply, loosening all of the nuts and bolts attached to the faucet without stripping, damaging, or breaking them or the faucet, remove the faucet or fixture and all of the plumbing attached to the fixture, check for water leaking or water damage, replace any rotted or eroded pipes and materials, mount the new faucet or fixture, connect the faucet to the plumbing system, secure all nuts and bolts, inspect the faucet for tightness, seal, test the faucet and do a thorough inspection to ensure proper installation.

Call Pristine Plumbing and save yourself the risk and the hassle and see what our experts can do for you. We are available around the clock by phone or online chat and have a rotating list of offers, military discounts, senior discounts, online quotes, and free whole house visual inspections. We pride ourselves on assisting all of Anaheim with their plumbing needs from leaking sink faucets, to remodels and upgrades.