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The licensed professionals at Pristine Plumbing are trained experts in repairing leaky sink faucets in your Brea home or property. We are experienced in dealing with any type of faucet repair, drainage issue, water heater repair, toilet installation, sewer line replacement, tankless water heater installation, sink fixtures and sink faucet installation, and much more.

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Ignoring a drip coming from your sink faucet is usually a sign that something within the faucet is broken. Broken valves, washers, or O-rings can cause changes in your water pressure, or create a constant drip or flow in your sink or outdoor faucet.

Repairing Leaky Faucets

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Does your sink faucet have a drip that does not seem very frequent, but happens every minute or two? This can be an early sign of breakage or damage within your faucet and can usually be easily repaired. If your sink faucet has a drip that is a bit more steady, chances are the problem might be a bit larger and could be harder to repair yourself. If you have a drip or leak that has been left unattended and has been dripping for quite some time, you might have damage that has been done as a result. These types of drips or leaks usually require a full replacement of the sink faucet and sometimes even the plumbing and drainage pipes connected to that sink and faucet. Leaks are hazardous for several reasons. They can damage materials around them from minor flooding or water pooling around the sink or below it. Water damage is not only expensive to replace, but can be dangerous and a potential health risk. Bacteria and mold will rapidly reproduce in these water damaged surfaces and can be threatening to the health of everyone in your home, including children and pets. Dripping and leaking sink faucets should be dealt with immediately to avoid expensive repairs, health risks, and high water bills. Repairing faucets can be as simple as replacing washers that have been worn down and replacing a valve, to dealing with a faucet that is so damaged it needs to be fully removed and have all of the damaged materials around it completely removed and replaced, and have a new sink or faucet installed.

What Causes Sink Faucets to Leak in the First Place?

Faucets have a complex system of moving parts and are connected to your home’s plumbing and drain systems. When the parts inside your sink faucet like a valve or washer are broken you will start to notice issues with your faucet like leaking or dripping. This can also happen from seals being broken, or o-rings being worn out, broken, or damaged. These issues can cause a lot of different issues for the sinks in your Brea home. Call Pristine Plumbing to have a licensed plumber inspect, identify, repair or replace the faucets causing you issues. Our plumbers are fully trained in dealing with plumbing issues of any size and have all of the latest tools and equipment to ensure a job well done.

Why Should I Replace a Leaky Faucet?

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A leaky sink faucet is easy to write off as just an annoying drip we try to ignore. Unfortunately, a leaking faucet can be causing extensive damage that can be very hard to detect until it is too late. One of more leaky sink faucets in your Brea home can waste anywhere from 1 – 12 gallons of water a day equaling over 4,000 gallons of water being wasted a year. Imagine what that is doing to your water as well as how much unnecessary waste it is causing. Leaking from a faucet can cause damage to the sink, the drain, any marble, wood, porcelain, and stone around it. This can be extremely expensive and time consuming to deal with. Avoid damage to your surface, sinks, and mold by dealing with your sink faucets at the first sign of any issues.

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