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Drain Cleaning Service Dana PointDo you have a clogged drain? If you need draining cleaning services Dana Point property owners, Pristine Plumbing is the right company to call. Our experienced and professional drain cleaning experts are able to remove clogs quickly. Additionally, we have some of the best prices for drain cleaning services in the greater Dana Point area. Give us a call or chat with us here on our website to schedule your drain cleaning services today. Pristine Plumbing looks forward to exceeding your expectations.

Sink Drains

Dana Point Kitchen Drain CloggedClogged sink drains are some of the most common types of calls we receive from Dana Point residents. There are a lot of things that can contribute to a clogged sink. We have seen almost every scenario imaginable over our decades in the plumbing industry. Your first instinct may be to use a chemical drain cleaner in your clogged sink drain. As many of you have already learned, chemical drain cleaners rarely work on sink drain clogs. Not only do they rarely work, but they are also caustic. That means those cleaners can burn and corrode materials. Believe it or not, those drain cleaners will eat away at your pipes and cause more severe damage to your plumbing system. When a plumber comes after those caustic chemicals are used, it makes their job more difficult and dangerous. There are some DIY methods you can try on your own before you call a plumber. Try pouring a cup of white vinegar or lemon juice down the drain. Then wait 30 minutes. If the clog is still there, you can repeat the same process again, but add baking soda with the lemon and or vinegar. If your drain is still clogged after you wait an additional 30 minutes, call Pristine Plumbing. Our company has the best drain cleaning service prices in Dana Point. We will have one of our experienced drain cleaning technicians out to your property promptly. Call us today. We will save you time, and money on drain cleaning services.

Bathtub Drains

Bath Tub Drain Cleaning Dana PointA vast majority of the hair care, beauty, and hygiene products we use in the bathtub could easily be marketed as bathtub drain stoppers. Hair products such as conditioner contain large quantities of oil from plants and minerals. Conditioner also contains large amounts of proteins. While proteins can be great for your hair, they do not break down in water. Therefore, they are more likely to get trapped in your pipes along with oils, hair, and other debris. Hair conditioner is not the only product that clogs bathtub drains. In recent years bath bombs have become more popular. Those of you who may not have heard of a bath bomb, a bath bomb is a compacted mixture of wet and dry ingredients such as: essential oils, cornstarch, baking soda, moisturizers, scents, and colorants too. Some bath bombs even contain plant materials such as rose petals or glitter. They are dropped into a bath and dissolve into the water in an effervescent manner. Bath bombs are great for creating a relaxing experience, but are not so great for your bathtub drain. The oils and small pieces of plant matter can cause your bathtub drain to clog. The pipe underneath your bathroom tub drain is not a straight pipe. All pipes including the one underneath your bathtub drain have a curve or what is called a P trap. This curve or P trap is designed to keep sewer gases from entering your home. It also traps materials such as hair and other potential obstructions once they enter the pipe. When materials enter the bathtub drain they will rest at the bottom of the P trap or curve. Using a drain strainer can reduce the amount of obstructions that enter your bathtub drain and potentially stop clogs from taking place. If you have a clog in your bathtub, give Pristine Plumbing a call we will be able to determine if you have a simple drain clog or if you have a more severe issue with your sewer line. Pristine Plumbing has the best prices on drain cleaning services in the greater Dana Point area.

Floor Drains

Floor Drain Cleaning Dana Point CAFloor drains are usually found in commercial settings such as the meat and seafood departments in grocery stores. Floor drains tend to see more debris than other types of drains. Therefore, clogs are more common in floor drains. There is no question that floor drains are incredibly convenient in a commercial setting, they allow messes to be cleaned up in an efficient manner. Floor drains have a tendency to become clogged more often because they have more debris swept into them. Some places where floor drains are found like auto repair shops have large quantities of oil and grease. As you might imagine, we receive our fair share of calls regarding floor drain clogs. Pristine Plumbing’s team of experienced drain cleaning experts will be able to help you unclog your floor drains quickly. We have the best prices on drain cleaning services in Dana Point and Orange County. Give us a call so we can schedule your appointment. Pristine Plumbing dispatch one of our drain cleaning experts to your property immediately. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Patio and Area Drains

Dana Point Drain CleaningOutdoor drains are designed to help water runoff and drain quickly. While Dana point may not see as much rain as other areas of the United States, we do have more paved surface area. Paved surfaces keep water from soaking into the soil. Water can pool in certain areas where there is not enough drainage on paved surfaces or even in your yard. Patio and area drains collect more debris than any other type of plumbing drain because they are outdoors. Leaves, trash, grass, and other items quickly make their way into outdoor drains. Once they are clogged water will not drain properly and will begin standing. When an outdoor drain is clogged your yard can become muddy a muddy mess. If your outdoor drain is on concrete, water will never remain standing on the concrete area until the drain is unclogged. Pristine Plumbing has the experience necessary to accurately identify issues with outdoor drains and remove clogs quickly. If you have standing water on your property and need an outdoor drain expert, Pristine Plumbing is the company to call. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us today, chat with us, or schedule right on our website.

Pipe Services

Broken Pipe Replacement Dana PointMany times we will be called to a property for what is expected to be a clogged pipe only to find out that they have a burst or broken pipe. If we find that your property does not simply have an issue with a clogged drain and you have a more severe issue, our full service plumbing company will be able to fix the problem quickly and at competitive prices.

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Call Pristine Plumbing to schedule your drain cleaning services today. We will have one of our service technicians dispatched to your property quickly. You also have an option to chat with us right here on our website or schedule an appointment. Thank you for choosing Pristine Plumbing your drain cleaning service needs. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.