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Have you noticed a leaky faucet in your Fullerton bathroom? Do you suspect that you might have a leak coming from your bathroom pipes, or under your bathtub, toilet, or shower pan? Pristine Plumbing can help. We are fully able to locate, identify, repair, replace, and install any type of plumbing that goes to or from your shower. Bathrooms are an extremely important room in any home or business and are used every single day. Showers can help you to get ready to face your day and unwind after a long day of work or chores. If you start to have issues with your shower or bathtub leaking, not draining properly, or giving you problems with the water pressure, it can be very disruptive to your daily life. Call Pristine Plumbing and we can fix any problematic faucet, pipe, clog, or leak in your Fullerton home or business and get it running like new again. Plumbing issues are something that should never be brushed aside or ignored and should be addressed and repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Delaying the repair or replacement of leaking or damaged pipes in your Fullerton home or business can in turn cost you a whole lot more in repairs and run you the risk of having your pipes burst or developing mold. We have done more shower repair and pipe replacement in Fullerton and surrounding areas than we can count. We also assist with upgrades, water efficient fixtures, and re-piping old lines.

If you notice any of the following symptoms in your shower, you should call us immediately to have it repaired or replaced.

  • Slow or sluggish drains
  • Standing water
  • Water back flow
  • Inconsistent or poor hot water
  • Inconsistent or poor water pressure
  • Rust or hard water build up
  • Water not draining at all
  • Damaged, broken, or worn down handles, faucets, and shower heads
  • Leaking, dripping from pipes or faucets
  • Cracked sealing or caulking
  • Any other shower related plumbing issues

Types of showers and tubs we can repair or install:

  • Stand alone showers
  • Stand alone bathtubs
  • Combination shower tubs
  • Jetted bathtubs
  • Whirlpool spas
  • Outdoor showers or tubs

Types of fixtures we can repair or install:

  • Overhead fixtures
  • Fixtures of any size, color, or material
  • Shower wands
  • Combination fixtures
  • Wall mounted
  • Tub Mounted
  • Free standing
  • Side jets

I Am In Need Of Prompt Shower Repair

Shower Repairs Fullerton

If you are dealing with leaks in or around your tub or shower, you are more than likely in need of shower repair services. Pristine Plumbing can inspect and test your entire plumbing network to identify leak location and their causes. In Fullerton homes and businesses plumbing fixtures that are located on the ground floor tend to have pipes from their drains that lead directly into the properties slab. When slab leaks happen, it can be very difficult to locate the source of the issues, and do what it takes to repair it. This is a job that should be left to the licensed experts at Pristine Plumbing that use the latest and greatest technology combined with many years of experience that will help them to quickly locate and fix any leaks happening under your shower, tub or toilet. Due to a lot of use, over time your shower and bathroom plumbing can start to show signs of trouble or wear and tear. Because of how heavy bathrooms in Fullerton homes and businesses are used, they can start to accumulate debris like hair, soap, dirt, and oil that can clog or severely slow down the effectiveness of your bathroom’s plumbing.

Upgrades and Replacements

Whether you are looking to completely remodel and transform the look and feel of your bathroom or are looking to install more water efficient fixtures and appliances, Pristine Plumbing has many options available to help you meet the exact aesthetic, look and feel that you are going for that can help you to save money on your monthly utilities bills, and better suit your exact needs to air your lifestyle habits. We are fully equipped and experienced in dealing with all types of repairs, installations, and sealing. When you call Pristine Plumbing, you are getting a top rated service that will leave you with the peace of mind in knowing the job was done correctly and fully tested and inspected.

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If you are in need of shower repair or any other plumbing related services, Pristine Plumbing can do it all. There is no job out there that is ever too big or too small for us to dedicate our full time and attention to. We treat every single job and customer the same by making your full satisfaction our top priority. We are a 24 hour plumbing company that is available around the clock to help with any and all of your plumbing needs.

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