Drain Cleaning Garden Grove

Bath Tub Drain Cleaning Garden GroveDrain Cleaning in Garden Grove is a necessary part of every homeowner’s experience. Drains are a very important and integral part of your plumbing system. When one of your drains starts to have issues with backing up, clogging, or slow draining it can be a sign of a major plumbing problem. If left unresolved, clogged drains can be very frustrating, time consuming, expensive, as well as damaging and detrimental to your plumbing system. Lucky for you, we have a team of expert and experienced professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with all of your drain cleaning needs!

When drain issues occur, many people will try to take matters into their own hands. Some will go to the local hardware store and buy expensive tools or chemical cleaners. This can potentially lead to much larger issues. Did you know that the last thing you should ever do is pour harsh chemical, caustic drain cleaners from your local grocery or convenience store down your drain? The harsh and aggressive chemicals in these commercial drain cleaners can cut through the build up, grease, hair, and debris in your pipes, but they can also eat through your pipes, joints, and pipelining as well. This can cause a much larger and much more costly problem than the initial drain clog you were battling.

Garden Grove CA Drain Cleaning ServiceNeed to know when it is the right time for professional drain cleaning?

Many property owners find themselves nervous and hesitant to call in the professionals for help. Many times, drainage issues can appear much smaller than they actually are. This causes a lot of people to assume they can solve their drainage issues themselves and save money. Unfortunately, is rarely the case and can often lead to much larger, more frustrating and expensive issues.

Some signs that you might be in over your head, and should call the professionals at Pristine Plumbing include:

  • Recurring clogs in the same drain or room
  • Several clogged drains (at once, or individual times close together)
  • Low water pressure
  • Foul odors coming from drains or the pipes

If you’re experiencing any of the items listed above, you should have a professional come out to examine your drainage system.

Common causes for sink clogs?

Drain need of cleaning in Garden GroveWhen food debris, fats, and grease start to build up in kitchen sinks they start to attract and collect larger debris going down the kitchen sink. These debris will start to build up over time and can cause the sink to drain more slowly. Drains that are slow to drain are usually the first indication that action should be taken immediately, and it’s time to call Pristine Plumbing, Garden Grove’s answer when homeowners need drain cleaning services.

We will eliminate all of the buildup in your pipes causing those slow moving drains. This will also help to prevent that back up from turning into a full blown kitchen flood.

Common signs of a clogged drain include the following:

  • Slow moving drains or sinks, or water not going down the drain at all and pooling
  • Nasty and foul odors emitting from pipes or drains
  • Standing in a pool of water in the shower or tub while showering
  • One side of the sink filling up with dirty water while the other side of the sink is draining
  • Water levels in your toilet rising after you flush

Drains Pipes Cleaning HeroIf you experience foul smells coming from your drains or pipes, not only is this a sign of a plumbing issue that may require drain cleaning, but this can be a potential health risk as well. Most drain clogs are caused by food or organic material that start to attach themselves to sediment and debris in pipes and begin to rot and mold. That foul smell emitting from the pipes and drains is producing and harboring dangerous bacteria. Odors can also be caused by backed up water, or undetected leaks. If you have noticed any foul or odd smells coming from one or more of your drains, do not hesitate to call Pristine Plumbing immediately. We are conveniently located in Garden Grove and even do same day calls.

Even if you have not had any noticeable issues with your drains, we always recommend that property owners have their drainage systems checked every two to three years. This will help to eliminate any problems that can quietly be building up in your pipes and ensure the integrity of your plumbing. Scheduling routine maintenance for your Garden Grove home can help to prevent unexpected costly repairs on issues that could have been easily prevented.

Call us at Pristine Plumbing in Garden Grove to schedule your drain cleaning services today! We will schedule and dispatch one of our service technicians to your property quickly. You also have an option to use our chat feature right here on our website to ask any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment. Thank you for choosing Pristine Plumbing for your drain cleaning service needs. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.