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Leaking Pipe in Need of Repair in Huntington Beach CA

Repairing or replacing water and sewage lines in your Huntington Beach home or business can be quite time consuming and extensive. Oftentimes, property owners will make the mistake of not hiring professionals to handle their plumbing needs and will end up having to pay for re-installation or repairs to what was done. Pristine Plumbing is the top trusted plumbing company for every resident, commercial property, and Homeowners association in Huntington Beach. Our 24 hour a day, 7 days a week customer care is unmatched. We aim to show you why we are the top rated in your area.

Pipe repair can help you to maintain the integrity of your Huntington Beach plumbing system and get things back on track and running exactly as they should. Our pipes do a lot for us. They supply us with clean water, and take away our waste and send it down to the sewer system. If there is ever any sort of hindrance to your system there can be back ups, leaks, floods, and a lot of wasted time, resources and money. Our pipes help us to water our lawns, rinse our food, clean our homes, clean our clothes, bathe us, and provide us with drinking water. Needless to say, water is extremely important to us, and to our homes and properties. Do not ignore signs of plumbing issues and call Pristine Plumbing to have them dealt with immediately. Pipe repair can help you prolong the lifespan of your pipes and avoid pipe replacement for some time.

Scheduling routine maintenance like inspections and drain cleaning services can help you keep your pipes pristine, clean, and running like a dream. Drains take in a lot of dirt, hair, food debris, organic waste, soaps, sand, and other debris that can build up over time can clog your plumbing system. A build up can go undetected for a while. Eventually you might start to notice issues with water pressure, or notice foul odors coming from your drains. Do not wait until it is too late. Drain cleaning can help prevent pipe repairs from burst or damaged pipes. We use the latest in Hydro Jetting Technology that will get your pipes clean as a whistle. Our expert plumbers have all of the experience and training to handle any type of pipe cleaning, pipe repair, replacement and installation.

There are some obvious signs you can keep an eye out for that will tell you if you are in need of pipe repair and a call to Pristine Plumbing:

Pipe Repair Services Huntington Beach
  • Banging, knocking, rattling, gurgling, bubbling sounds coming from pipes or drains
  • Water leaking from faucets or around plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Outdoor water leaks
  • Water pressure that is unusually high
  • Water pressure that is too low
  • Water is an unusual color
  • Water that is murky, cloudy, or has visible debris in it
  • Foul Smells coming from spouts, drains, or pipes
  • Any visible signs of water damage, mildew, or mold
  • Visible rust around plumbing fixtures
  • Hard water build up

Luckily for all Huntington Beach home and business owners, there are quite a few things you can do to help keep your pipes clean to avoid pipe repair or unforeseen, unexpected plumbing emergencies.

Huntington Beach Couple after Pipe Repair
  • Install hair catchers to the drains in your bathrooms. This will help to keep hair from building up in your drains and causing them to clog up. Be sure to regularly clean out hair traps, and replace them when necessary.
  • Avoid food from going down your kitchen drains, even if you have a garbage disposal. Garbage disposals do an excellent job and pulverizing food debris so they do not immediately clog up your plumbing. However, that is still a whole lot of material that is going down your drain. And regardless of how finely chopped it was by the disposal, it can and will build up over time. Installing drain catchers to your kitchen sinks and dishwashers can help you to catch larger debris from going down your drains and causing obstructions.
  • Cleaning your drains often can help them run a lot more smoothly. A mixture of hot water, vinegar, and lemon juice is a lot safer for your plumbing than any commercial drain cleaning product. Commercial drain cleaners can actually strip away the insides of your pipes and damage them, costing you pipe repair or replacement. This hot water and vinegar mixture is safe for your plumbing and can help to remove any minor build up that has been happening inside of your pipes.
  • Scheduling routine drain cleaning services can help you keep your drains clean and free of debris and clogs. Routine cleaning should be completed every 2 to 3 years.

Pristine Plumbing would like to show you why we are the most trusted name in pipe repair for all of Huntington Beach.

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