Drain Cleaning Irvine

Unfortunately, for Irvine homeowners there is no escaping the drains in your house. They can get backed up, clogged, mucky, and sometimes even stinky. Debris, organic waste, hair, cooking oils, and sediments can accumulate very quickly and cause some serious plumbing damage to your home or property. Leaks and burst pipes are often caused by dirty drains and could cost you a lot more money in repairs down the line. Here at Pristine Plumbing, we are dedicated to providing the city of Irvine with professional, quick, and affordable drain cleaning services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Irvine Drain CleaningI think I might have a leak or a clog, Help!

Not to worry, there is good news! It is usually pretty easy to tell if your drains are clogged, backed up, or having issues that require some attention. There are a number of things that can usually help to identify some of the most common signs that you’re having drainage issues that would an expert from Pristine Plumbing. We can rapidly dispatch a drain cleaning specialist to tackle drainage issues and get your pipes flowing properly.

Some of the most common signs would include the following:

  • Water that is backing up into your sinks, shower, or tub
  • Leaking
  • Rapid flooding
  • Burst water pipes
  • Drains that will not drain and contain standing water
  • Toilets not flushing
  • Toilet water level rising well after a flush
  • Low water pressure
  • Foul smells emitting from the drains or the pipes
  • Bubbling in pipes or toilets
  • Sound of water flowing through pipes when all faucets and appliances are off

Drain Cleaning Irvine CAHow do I prevent costly clogs to begin with?

Luckily, there are several things you can do to prevent clogs and drainage issues. Here are a few preventative measures we recommend to avoid costly nightmares in the future.

  • Install screen catchers. Screen catchers in drains help to prevent hair, waste, and food debris from building up over time. Be sure the screen catchers are properly installed and secured to the drain. Regularly empty all of the debris from the screen catchers. Clean and scrub the screen often. Replace the screen catchers when necessary (usually every 6 months). Research the best brand for your type of drain (ex: shower, sink, tub)
  • Avoid pouring any types of grease, waxes, cooking oils, harsh chemicals, down your drains.
  • Pour hot water down your drains regularly. This helps to wash away any debris or oils that might be starting to building up in your pipes.
  • Avoid the use of commercial drain cleaning products. They contain harmful chemicals.
  • Remove hard water sediments in pipes. Hard water can cause mineral build up. Mineral build up can lower water pressure, and over enough time stop drains and pipes from working completely. You can install a water softening system to your home to prevent hard water and mineral build up.

Most importantly, it is recommended to schedule regular drain cleaning services every two to three years in Irvine to ensure the efficiency of your drains and plumbing system. This helps to ensure your pipes are in nice, working order and helps to prevent any build up over time that can damage or burst your pipes resulting in costly repairs.

Things to avoid that can be potentially damaging or harmful to my pipes?

Irvine Drain CleanersAs noted before, you should avoid large bebris, excess hair, and cooking oils from going down your drains. It is also important to note that you should avoid most commercial, drain cleaning products from going down your drains too. These commercial drain cleaning products are available at most grocery stores and are heavily advertised. Commercial drain cleaning products contain many harsh chemicals and ingredients that can cause more long term damage to your pipes. Sure, they might work as advertised and clear that slow drain or clogged pipe, but they can actually strip and chew through your pipes in the process. This can be extremely detrimental to your plumbing system and can cause your pipes to eventually leak or burst. Now you have to deal with an even more frustrating, expensive, and time consuming problem on your hands. To avoid this, be sure to schedule that routine maintenance on your Irvine home with Pristine Plumbing today!

Why should I choose Pristine Plumbing?

Pristine Plumbing prides ourselves on our prompt, expert and affordable drain cleaning services, available to all Irvine residents. We use the latest techniques in the plumbing industry to remove pesky clogs, and residue build up. Pristine Plumbing is available to you all hours of the day. This means you can contact us any time you might need. Start your online quote, see our many reviews, or chat with one of our available dispatchers. Dispatchers are ready to have your questions answered and to schedule your requests for service. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all of your drain cleaning service needs.