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Is your Irvine home or business in need of pipe repair or replacement? If you have noticed a sudden drop in your water pressure, or a hike in your water bill, it might be time to call the experts at Pristine Plumbing. If your property is a little bit older, your plumbing network is susceptible to wearing down, having leaks, and problems that could result in many time consuming, frustrating, and costly repairs. Taking the time to invest in your property and familiarize yourself with your plumbing network could help you to avoid a lot of unnecessary repairs in the future. Help protect your home or business, your time and your money by avoiding untimely plumbing emergencies. We at Pristine Plumbing are fully aware that a plumbing emergency can happen any time and we never seem prepared when they do. This is why we are dedicated to providing Irvine residents and commercial property owners with around the clock customer care. If you are dealing with the nagging reminder of a leaking faucet, or you have a burst pipe, we are here to help. Our friendly dispatchers are available to answer your questions, and schedule a licensed plumber to be dispatched promptly to your location. Our online chat feature and phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to assist you in any plumbing issue regardless of its severity, or time of day as quickly at an affordable price that will leave you with a peace of mind in knowing that the job was done accurately and to code.

What Do I Do if I Have a Leaky Pipe?

Irvine Pipe Repair and Replacement

If you are dealing with a minor leaking from one of your pipes and fixtures you are going to want to inspect your plumbing system. Checking for clogs, build ups, or faulty material can help you to identify the type of repair job that needs to be done. Some Irvine home and business owners will make the common mistake of trying to do plumbing repairs themselves. Though a lot of projects can be done by business owners, there are many others that should definitely be left to experienced professionals. It is very common for us to receive calls that are a result of a DIY project gone bad. Too many times we have seen a simple backyard “do it yourself” turn into a damaged underground pipe, or a sink installation that was not done properly and ended up damaging the marble counter top around it. If you do not have the proper tools, experience, and training in plumbing, things can get tricky very quickly.

Here is a list of a few things that you should not do when dealing with pipe repair:

Leaking Pipe
  1. Using commercial drain cleaners to clear out clogged drains. Commercial drain cleaners are advertised to tackle the toughest of clogs around your home or business. Though they can often work as advertised and are inexpensive and very easy to find at any major grocery store or hardware store, the harsh and abrasive chemicals inside of these commercial cleaners can actually strip away at the lining of your pipes. If your pipes are already damaged, older, or have been handling a lot of harsh chemicals it is only a matter of time before those pipes burst and leak. Avoid harsh chemicals from going down your drains and instead opt for a safer and more economical alternative. A vinegar and hot water combination is safe for your plumbing and will help to act as preventive maintenance. Pouring this combination down your drains every 2 to 3 weeks will help to keep your pipes clean and free of build up from debris.
  2. Pipe repair due to a faulty DIY is a very common phone call we receive. Patch kits usually include a material known as Plumbers Epoxy. The epoxy is supposed to be molded over any damaged areas of a pipe that is fractured, fissured, or gapped. This should only ever be considered a very short and temporary solution. Do not consider epoxy around your pipes to ever be an official form of pipe repair. Many times the pipes have to be completely dry and clear of any water for the epoxy to work properly. After time, the epoxy or the pipe around it will start to have more problems that could result in a burst pipe. Avoid costly emergencies by calling an experienced and trained expert to complete pipe repairs for you.

Pristine Plumbing has been the most trusted plumbing service in pipe repair to Irvine home and business owners. We pride ourselves on prompt arrival, affordable and upfront pricing, clear communication, and customer satisfaction. We are happy to help you with any and all of your plumbing needs. Start your online quote today, read about our special offers and military and senior discounts.