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Laguna Beach Drain CleaningHaving trouble with clogged or slow drains in your Laguna Beach home? Have you noticed that your drains are just not flowing as well as they used to? Chances are, you’re dealing with build up or a clog. Unless your house or pipes are completely brand new, this is a very common issue homeowners can eventually face. Whether you are dealing with a major plumbing problem or a minor issue, the experts here at Pristine Plumbing are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our drain cleaning services in Laguna Beach are backed by our many reviews and our Satisfaction Guarantee. Our team has you covered on all your plumbing needs from the simple clogs, complex leaks, to the preventative services that will keep your drainage system running efficiently.

What are common causes of drain clogs?

Drain Cleaning Laguna BeachHair – Hair tends to be one of the largest culprits of most drain clogs. Especially in the bathroom. When debris starts to build up in drains and pipes, hair is very easy to catch to these debris. Over time this build up will get larger and larger until you’re dealing with a major clog.

Soaps, Oils, and Other Waxy Substances – Did you know that those traditional soap bars are often made with ingredients that contain lots of oils, grease, and even fat? These types of ingredients in bar soap can combine with minerals in water and create that pesky white residue everywhere. Also known as SOAP SCUM. Soap scum doesn’t only build up on surfaces like shower walls and faucets, it also starts to build up in your pipes. Over time this can have negative impacts on water pressure, and even cause clogged pipes and drains. Oils found in cooking oils can also build up over time, and start to attract debris. To prevent this, you should schedule a regular drain cleaning service.

Food and Organic Waste – Putting food down your drain is never good. Even if you have a garbage disposal. Food debris will attach themselves to that oil and residue build up in your pipes and not only clog your pipes, but can cause some pretty nasty smells around your home. We recommend alternative methods of dealing with your food waste. You can install drain traps to stop debris from going down your drain. You can even start composting larger pieces of organic waste and do your garden, your pipes and the environment a favor.

Laguna Beach CA Drain CleaningDirt – Dirt tends to be one of the larger culprits all of Laguna Beach residents have in their laundry rooms. Dirt being dislodged from clothes in the wash cycle builds up over time, and can cause major clogs that often go undetected until you’re dealing with a full blown flood. The easiest way to avoid a messy and expensive flood from your laundry room is to schedule routine drain cleaning services. This can save you a potential flood, where mold and bacteria are now a concern.

Mineral Buildup from Hard Water – Hard water can be tricky to detect, but easy to avoid. Hard water that has had a lot of minerals dissolved into it, will build up in your pipes over time and have a massive effect on your plumbing system. One of the easiest ways to tell if you might have hard water mineral build up in your pipes is if you notice a change in your water pressure. Whether that change in water pressure is slight or significant, it can be a clue to a much larger problem. Pristine Plumbing has a team of experts available to assist you with water pressure issues regardless of the severity.

Store Bought Commercial Drain Cleaners – These products are advertised to clear out the peskiest of clogs, and can remove most of the debris and build up. Many Laguna Beach property owners have found themselves dealing with a minor clog and ended up reaching for the quick fix. This quick fix can cost you a whole lot more in the long run. Commercial drain cleaners contain lots of harsh aggressive chemicals that can completely eat through your pipes causing a major leak. We recommend that you regularly pour hot water down your types to prevent build up, and to schedule routine pipe cleaning services to prevent leaks caused by harsh chemicals. Routine drain cleaning services are recommended every two to three years to keep your plumbing system running its very best.

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