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Welcome to the website of Pristine Plumbing, the best company to hire for leak detection Laguna Beach. Do you have a water bill that is much more expensive than usual? You may have a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. You’re not alone most people actually become aware of a leak in their plumbing system due to a higher cost water bill. Pristine Plumbing has a skilled team of leak detection experts that will be able to locate a leak anywhere on your property. We offer free estimates on leak detection and plumbing repairs that are required as a result of the leak detection services we perform. It is important to act fast to locate a leak so it can be repaired. Delaying could cause further damage to your property as well as allow you to accumulate a higher gallon usage on your water bill. Call us today to schedule your leak detection services in Laguna Beach.

Financing Available

There is no way of knowing when a leak may pop up in your plumbing system. Therefore, there is no way to plan for it financially. Pristine Plumbing started offering our customers financing to make sure you could receive the services you need, even if you did not have the funds available for the project. Financing will allow you to make payments towards the amount owed for the services we perform. Leaks can lead to exposure to dangerous and toxic mold. We feel that lack of financial means should never prohibit you from receiving the type of plumbing service you need. Do you have questions about financing? You can ask us any questions you have about financing in our chat option here on our site.


Our prices are highly competitive. The other licensed and insured local plumbing companies have prices that are in line if not slightly higher than ours. If you receive multiple estimates and one of the company’s quotes a price that is substantially lower, there is reason to be wary. The costs of service can vary depending upon the size of a property. The average residential home has a much smaller plumbing footprint than a large commercial building. Pristine Plumbing is committed to giving accurate estimates. That is why we give free in-person estimates for all of our customers. We need to be able to see the site where the services will be performed in order to know the size of the plumbing system. It would be almost impossible for any plumbing company to give an accurate estimate without first seeing a property. When pristine plumbing gives estimates you will know that it is highly accurate because we spend a lot of time and effort evaluating a property before providing an estimate. Any company can simply give you a price and then increase it later. It takes the company of integrity to quote a price and stick with it.

Labor Warranty

There a lot of things that make Pristine Plumbing company unique. One of the things that we are most proud of is our labor warranty. We created our labor warranty so you could have peace of mind knowing that your plumbing project was executed with precision. Additionally, if the work we complete does not last 18 months and it is due to our labor, we will take care of your plumbing problem at no additional cost to you. We are only willing to offer that kind of labor warranty because we are supremely confident in our plumbing team’s capabilities.


It is no secret that reviews are a key part of a consumer’s decision making process when choosing a leak detection company. If it’s great reviews you’re looking for before you hire us, we have plenty of those. Between Yelp and Google alone, Pristine Plumbing has received 1000 reviews from customers that are ecstatic about the level of service we have provided. Click here to read reviews from our customers.

Types of Leaks

Sinks and Faucets – Sinks and Faucets have their fair share of leaks. There are couple types of leaks that can be associated with sinks and faucets. The water supply lines to the sink faucets can leak which is usually a result of loose connections on the supply valves. There’s a possibility you may also have a leak in your sink drain. That can be a result of an improper seal on your P trap. Sink drain P traps are where we see some of the most interesting attempts at repairing a leak. These leaks are easy to spot and do not require advanced leak detection services. Nor are sink drain P traps responsible large volumes of water being lost. However, because they are a slow leak that does not cause a spike in your water bill’s gallon usage, they are usually one of the leaks that take the longest to discover. After all how often do you look underneath your sink? We brought this type of leak out because their real danger comes in the form of mold. It is common for people to discover it once the smell indicates that there is a severe mold issue.

sewer-inspection-camera-in-useMain Sewer Line – The main sewer line carries all water including wastewater from the home or commercial property to the city’s sewer system. This is where advanced leak detection services really become useful. A broken main sewer line can cause wastewater to backup into your home causing extensive damage. As a matter of fact it falls within the worst type of water damage cleanup classification there is. (Category 3) Items such as cabinets and practically any other porous item that has come into contact with the water must be disposed of. Here are a few indications you may have a broken main sewer line: Remarkably green patches of grass in compared to the rest of your landscape, a smell of gas or sewage outside, sinkholes in your yard, slow draining sinks or bathtubs. If your drain lines have been cleared by a professional plumbing company but they are still slow to drain, you may have a problem with your main sewer line.

Water Supply Line – Water supply lines are the type of leak that is usually noticed by a property owner. There are a couple of reasons for theat. First, your water bill may be double or even triple its usual cost. The second way a property owner notices a water supply line leak is because they will see water running from their property into the street. When water leaks it wants to move downward due to gravity. The soil does an excellent job of absorbing water especially in dry areas like southern California. If you see trickling into the street from your property without explanation, you likely have a broken water supply line and your soil has become so saturated that it can no longer hold water. If you suspect you may have a broken water supply line, call Pristine Plumbing immediately. Every hour you wait results in additional gallons of water lost.

Swimming Pools – This is a big one. Swimming pools of course have a lot of water in them. Therefore there is a lot of water that can leak out. Small swimming pool leaks can cause over 1000 gallons of water to be lost a day. Now that adds up to an expensive water bill quite quickly. We are proud to have been able to work with so many Laguna Beach pool owners to help them eliminate leaks.

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We hope you will call for leak detection Laguna Beach. Pristine Plumbing wants to be your “go-to” plumbing company that you will be willing to recommend to friends, neighbors, and family members. If you need to schedule leak detection services, call us any time. We are available 24 hours a day for emergency service calls.