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Water Filtration System Laguna WoodsYou seem like you are interested in what a water filtration system can do for your Laguna Woods home. Well you have come to the right page and we hope we can help you learn more about all the wonderful benefits you gain from having a water filtration system installed by the experts at Pristine Plumbing. Give us a call right now to speak with us directly, or chat with one of us using the chat box down below. Would you like to know more? Then read on!

Gone are the days of requiring heavy palates of bottled water to try to keep hydrated. In fact, bottled water often enjoys lower standards and requirements for maximum levels of particulates than that of your home’s tap water. Save yourself the cash and the trouble of buying and storing bottled water.

With a whole house water filtration system you will get to enjoy truly clean water, from every faucet and tap in the home.

When you have a water filtration system installed by the team at Pristine Plumbing, you not only enjoy the benefits of clean, pure water flowing from your sink, but you also gain these benefits with every appliance in your home that uses water. Enjoy a cleaner, richer cup of coffee in the morning. Feel the improvement in your hair and skin when you’re not washing it with water tainted with chlorine, calcium, and other minerals and chemicals that make up what we know as “hard water.” Your clothes will clean better, your dishwasher will do a better job, every appliance in the house will gain from such an upgrade to your Laguna Woods home’s water system.

Here are some of the chemicals and particulates found in our local water:

Aluminum – In many homes across Laguna Woods, aluminum pipes are used along the pipeline because they are able to withstand common issues that face older water systems, such as corrosion and rust. While this can cut down on the introduction of iron into your system, aluminum leeches from the pipe and is found in your water’s makeup.

Chlorine – Chlorine is added to the city water supply to try to reduce germs, and make it safe for drinking. This is all well and good, but adding chlorine adds its own set of problems. Chlorinated water that gets in your eyes and on your skin is known to cause irritation that purified, filtered water from a water filtration system would remove. With a water filtration system working on your side, you’ll not only remove the chlorine, but the bacteria and other harmful chemicals and minerals that chlorine either missed or has no effect on.

Lead – We all know the stories about lead. Lead is found in almost all water systems across the country, including here in Laguna Woods. Lead in water can create significant health issues. It has been known to harm the development of children, and can lead to increased blood pressure as well as kidney problems. When water passes through older pipes through the system, this toxic metal can be absorbed by the water. As this is well after the water has already run through the citywide purification system, you are mostly left on your own on how you want to deal with that. Take back control of your health and your water by installing a water filtration system to remove lead from your home’s water supply.

Fluoride – This is a chemical that is often added as its intended to promote oral health among the residents that receive water from the water processing plant. While there is science to back that up, once it passes by your teeth and into your system, continued ingestion of fluoride water can reduce the strength of your immune system. A whole house water filtration system will make your water safe to drink again as it reduces the levels of this chemical in your water to far more acceptable and comfortable levels.

Laguna Woods Water Filtration SystemEvery time you take a shower or a bath, wash a dish, or wash your favorite shirt, you want your water working for you, not against you. Unfiltered water can cause colors of your wash to fade faster, as well as minerals such as calcium being left on your clothes, causing them to wear and fall apart then they otherwise would. Nobody is going to start dumping bottles of bottled water into your washing machine for each cycle, and even then, who knows if the bottled water is really even that much better, if at all. A whole house water filtration system will solve this and many other problems that are lurking within your water system.

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