Water Filtration System Lake Forest

Water Filtration System Lake ForestUpgrade your Lake Forest home and your water with a water filtration system from the friendly, professional team of water filtration system installation experts at Pristine Plumbing. When you give us a call and hire us to install a water filtration system, you can be confident that you are soon going to be enjoying cleaner, fresher water from out of every tap and faucet in your home. We’ve teamed up with Halo Water Systems to give you the best experience possible, at a great price. Enjoy the best tasting water you’ve ever had come out of your home’s water system. It tastes great, it cleans better, and it is free of a plethora of chemicals, minerals, and other contaminants that are commonly found in the water system of Lake Forest, CA. Take control of the quality of your home’s water, with a water filtration system today.


Financing Options AvailableA water filtration system in your home provides many benefits, including long-term savings due to removing the need for water bottles or carafes with expensive water filters inside to provide fresh drinking water. We understand how the thought of making the jump to a better life with a water filtration system might seem a bit much, so we have teamed up with the professionals at GreenSky Financing to offer multiple financing options so you can get a water filtration system when you need it, and pay for it when you want. We know that coupled with the cost savings and health improvements when enjoying clean, filtered water, a water filtration system is the right choice for you.

A Cleaner Water. A Cleaner You.

Lake Forest Water Filtration SystemWhen a water filtration system is installed, it offers its services to every faucet in your house, not just your drinking water. When filtered water flows through your shower and bath, it slows the calcium buildup often seen that forms on and around your shower head and bath faucet. This reduces the need for spending time with harsh chemicals and soaking things to keep your bathroom looking clean and free from mineral buildup.

These same minerals can cause your hair and skin to feel drier and less clean. This can exacerbate any dryness issues somebody in your family might already have, and can often lead to more money spent on lotions, conditioners, and other products, to try to combat the mineral’s effect on your body. Eliminate the problem a whole house water filtration system installed by the friendly group of professional plumbers at Pristine Plumbing.

Particulates and chemicals can find their way into your water system, and reach unsafe levels by the time they reach you. The Lake Forest annual water quality report cites an array of chemicals and such that are found in your water. While their readings put these abnormalities at safe levels, safe does not mean gone from your water. Even at safe levels, Chlorine, Aluminum, Chromium, even Uranium is still found in your unfiltered water. And due to other often unseen circumstances such as a leaky pipe near the source of your water can introduce everything from dirt, clay, sediment, and even bacteria in your water. With a proper water filtration system installed by professionals like those found at Pristine Plumbing, you will keep your family safe and well removed from the harmful things found floating in your tap water.

The More You Know About Water Quality and Water Filtration

Water Filtration in Lake Forest CAAre you aware that 94% of our country’s water supplies tested for detectable levels of pollution caused by plastic fibers? This is the highest percentage of any country tested. While we enjoy many modern technologies here in America, it sometimes is not without an added, hidden cost. Tiny plastic particles that are released from the friction of washing clothes, plastic containers, and other sources, find their way into our water systems. These particles and others like it can create a funny smelling or strangely tasting water that in serious situations can even endanger the health of your family, yourself, and your pets. When your water is filtered properly with a high tech system such as those installed by Pristine Plumbing and built by the water filtration experts at Halo Water Systems, you can avoid these issues.

Bottled water will often fall victim to these same inconsistencies, as many of the brands found in our state use public water supplies. In fact, often the tap water standards are often higher than they are for bottled water. Just cut out any question and get a water filtration system installed in your home.

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If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the whole process. We will also answer any financing questions you may have. If you’d like to read more from customers just like you, click here. We look forward to speaking with you and getting the quality of your water, and your life, drastically improved with a water filtration system installed in your Lake Forest home.