Shower Repair Orange County

Orange County Shower Repair

Pristine Plumbing knows just how important it is to have a fully efficient shower in your Orange County home. When your shower starts to have issues, it can have a major impact on your daily life and take precious time out of your day. Pristine Plumbing has all of the expertise, professionalism, training, tools, equipment, and knowledge to handle any and all of your shower repair needs regardless of the size or time of day. We are the number one choice for shower and tub repair and installation in Orange County. If any plumbing emergency was to happen in the middle of night, do not worry. You can count on us. Pristine Plumbing offers 24 hours customer care and are available by phone or chat around the clock to assist you when you need us most.

Replacing Your Current Bathtub or Shower

Good news is, showers and tubs are designed to provide excellent quality for years and should offer you at least a dozen years of worry free use if you properly maintain and care for it. However, over time your plumbing, showers and tubs can start to show signs of wear and tear that might be an early indication that you might want to start thinking about shower repair, upgrades, or replacements.

How Do I Know if I Am in Need of Shower Repair?

Shower Repairs Orange County

We at Pristine Plumbing have come to learn that most showers and tubs in Orange County tend to be removed and replaced for upgrades or aesthetic reasons over the need for extensive repairs. This does not mean that the shower or tub that has been installed is not subject to damage or repairs. Faulty installation, improper sealing, or other issues can quickly cause significant water damage to everything around it. Leaks can create a lot of damage in your home. Avoid harmful mold and mildew by addressing your plumbing issues at the first sign of leaking, drips, or broken sealing. Our knowledgeable plumbers will be able to identify the cause and location of your plumbing problems, and will be able to complete your shower repair with ease and at a price you can afford.


Pristine Plumbing has many options and solutions that can help you to upgrade your Orange County home or business to be more water and energy efficient. Over the years, there have been many advancements in plumbing fixtures and appliances that can help you to save a lot of water and money on your bills. We offer a large catalog of top rated plumbing brands that will match your desired size, color, shape, aesthetic, and lifestyle.

If you are looking to do remodeling or construction, it is always best to have a licensed and experienced plumber come out to your location and give you a map of your plumbing network. This will help you to avoid your pipes from being damaged or broken during construction services. This includes plumbing that is in walls, flooring, attics, basements, and underground.

Refinishing and Shower Repair

Pristine Plumbing are experts in all things plumbing your Orange County home or business can face. When it comes to bathrooms and shower repairs, our services can not be beat.

Repair Shower

We offer a wide range of showers and tubs and materials including the following:

  • Fiberglass showers and tubs
  • Porcelains showers and tubs
  • Enamel bathtubs
  • Acrylic tubs and showers
  • Cultured raw and refined marble showers, sinks, counters, and vanities
  • PVC Plastics
  • ABS Plastics
  • Formica Countertops
  • Ceramic or Tile Countertops
  • Whirlpool plumbing
  • Custom showers, liners, tubs, and wall systems

We Do More Than Just Shower Repair

Pristine Plumbing is far more than just a shower repair service. We are a full service plumbing company that believes there is no such thing as a job that is too big or a job that is too small for us to handle. We handle all plumbing repair services for both residential and commercial properties in Orange County. We can also assist with bathtub, counter, and tile refinishing, water heater repair, gas line installation and repair, drain cleaning services and much more. You can see our list of plumbing services available as well as our many rave reviews and testimonials.

Why Us

Pristine Plumbing can help you to determine the health of your shower and tub and help you to identify if it is in need of repair or replacement. Our licensed and fully insured plumbing technicians will thoroughly inspect all of your plumbing issues and provide you with the recommended course of action to get your Orange County home or business plumbing running the very best it can for you. When we leave your property, you can trust that you will be taking a shower that has been properly installed, sealed, and in good working order again.

We provide shower repair across Orange County.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and provide free estimates. Give us a call today.