Drain Cleaning Placentia

Drain Cleaning PlacentiaIf you have noticed that your drains are slow to drain, backed up or clogged in your Placentia home or property, call Pristine Plumbing now at (714) 397-5954! We will clear those clogs and speed up those frustrating, slow draining sinks, tubs, or showers.

Slow draining water can be very disruptive to your everyday routines. Water backing up in kitchen sinks can make washing dishes take longer than normal. If your kitchen sink is backed up with residue and food debris, it can make water drain painfully slow. It might even be completely backed up and not drain at all. Has the other side of the sink started to fill up with dirty water when the other side drains? These are all signs of a clog in your kitchen sink.

Have you ever taken a shower and noticed that you’re standing in a pool of water instead of the water going down the drain at a normal speed? Have you noticed rings of soap, oil, dirt, hair, and debris around your bathroom sink, shower, or tub? You’re dealing with a clog.

Washing Machine Drain Cleaning Placentia CAHas your washing machine or dishwasher had leaks? Even if you have only noticed very minor leaking coming from your washing machine, dishwasher, or any other water appliance this could be the first sign of a much larger problem within your plumbing system. Water leaking in or around appliances tells you that you have a clog that is causing water to back up. Don’t ignore this issue and create a bigger one. Pooling water can lead to dangerous bacteria growth and should be dealt with immediately.

Preventing Clogged Drains

Placentia Drain CleaningWhen drains work the way they should, you will notice that the drains around your Placentia home will be very fast moving and have no issues draining. Because of the high amount of use every single day, drains have a tendency to back up from time to time. Oils and small debris can form residue in the lining of your pipes and can cause clogs. Food being washed down drains and lodging in pipes is a common cause of clogs in kitchen drains, dish washer machines and garbage disposals. Hair being washed down bathroom drains, and bar soaps containing oils and wax are the most common causes of bathroom drains backing up. Dirt and debris going through washing machines during a laundry cycle cause clogs in laundry rooms. Lastly, tree roots and shrub growth can grow into pipes and cause obstructions in underground plumbing systems.

Lucky for all Placentia residents, there are a number of things you can do to help these types of clogs be reduced if not prevented.

  1. Avoid non-liquid items from ever going down your drains. It’s a good idea to install a drain catcher in tubs and sinks in any bathroom that children use. It’s very common for small items or toys to accidentally go down a drain undetected causing a clog.
  2. Clogged Sink in Placentia CAInstall debris catchers. Debris catchers are easy to find and available at most grocery and hardware stores, and can easily be found and purchased online. Installing a drain catcher in a kitchen sink can help to catch food debris from clogging up garbage disposals and kitchen sinks. Bathtub and bathroom sink drain catchers are designed to help stop hair from going down drains and attaching to residue and backing up.
  3. Drain traps in laundry and dish-washing machines will catch larger debris and stop them from entering your plumbing system and causing leaks.
  4. Never pour cooking oils down sinks. Oil that is found in cooking oils, coconut oil and soap can solidify on to the wall to your pipe. This will cause debris to be easily attached to pipes and clog. Instead of pouring oil down your drain, we recommend saving a glass jar or aluminum can to collect grease and dispose of properly.
  5. Inspect your plumbing system to ensure that pipes have been installed properly, are properly sealed and fitted, and draining where they should.
  6. Outside Patio Drain Cleaning in PlacentiaInspect yard to make sure that pipes have not been installed at improper slopes, causing water to not drain correctly. Inspect irrigation lines. Inspect tree and shrub roots routinely to ensure they are not impeding or growing into water pipes.
  7. Regularly pour a mixture of hot water, vinegar and lemon juice down your drains. This will help to clean your pipes by removing any minor residue that has been building up. We recommend doing this to every drain in the home once every seven to ten days.
  8. Schedule routine drain cleaning services on your home plumbing system every 2 to 3 years. It is recommended that every homeowner in Placentia have their drains inspected regularly to avoid larger, more expensive clogs or leaks from happening.

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