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Water Filtration System San ClementeAre you a property owner in San Clemente who is looking for the best company to hire for the installation of a water filtration system? Pristine Plumbing is the best water filtration installation company in the San Clemente area and beyond. Let us install one for you. We have a wide range of water filtration systems that can fit the needs of a residential homeowner or a commercial building owner. Our team of water filtration experts will help you find the water filtration system that suits your needs and at a great price. Call us to ask any questions you may have about our company or our water filtration systems. You can also chat with us right here on this page of our website too. Read more about our plumbing company and the importance of water filtration systems below.

Why Choose Pristine Plumbing

Financing for Water Filtration Systems in San Clemente CAFinancing – There are a lot of great reasons we can give you to hire our water filtration company. However, we thought it was most important for us to talk about our financing options first because the cost of a water filtration system is one of the biggest deterrents keeping people from purchasing one. When you choose our financing option you can make small payments towards the total cost of your water filtration system. We hope that anyone who wants a water filtration system will be able to get one thanks to our financing options.

Cost – Pristine Plumbing has great prices on the highest quality of water filtration systems. Our prices are comparable to other companies who carry a similar quality of product and are licensed. We are always looking for ways to provide our customers with lower prices. Our water filtration company understands that when we lower our prices, more people will be able to gain access to the quality of water they deserve. Our company has a wide range of products that will surely be able to meet your budget and needs when you take into consideration the financing options available to you.

Labor Warranty – Pristine Plumbing has an 18 month warranty on al labor performed by our water filtration experts. If any of the work performed by Pristine Plumbing does not last 18 months or more and it is due to our labor, we will take care of the issue for you. Pristine Plumbing is willing to stand behind the quality of our work like no other local company. No other local company is willing to match our labor warranty. Keep in mind that our labor warranty is separate from the manufacturer’s warranty that comes standard with all plumbing products.

Halo Water Systems FiltrationQuality Products – A high quality of water filtration system will allow you to have the highest water quality. Pristine Plumbing proudly carries all Halo Water Systems water filtration systems. Halo Water has a wide range of products that can fit anyone’s needs. We value our reputation we have been able to build within the San Clemente community over the years. Our company would not stake our reputation on a brand that we were not completely confident in. Pristine Plumbing will continue to offer the highest quality water filtration systems to San Clemente residents because we understand how important the quality of water is to your well being.

Why Is It Important to Have a Water Filtration System?

Don’t Rely Upon Bottled Water – Studies have found that close to 60% of all bottled water comes directly from the tap. If you are drinking bottled water in an attempt to have a higher quality of water, you may find that you’re drinking the same quality of water but just in a plastic bottle.

Lead – Older plumbing pipes contain lead. It is likely you have already heard about the dangers of lead exposure. Lead can affect cognitive function, organ function, bone growth, and a whole host of other parts of the body. Children are particularly susceptible to the affects of lead exposure. Only a handful of homes in each water district need to be tested each year to meet EPA guidelines. Almost all the lead that enters the water system once it has left the water treatment facility. Experts agree that the lead testing methods and management systems currently in place are not adequate. Choosing to install a high quality water filtration system to catch lead particles and other harmful contaminants is a wise decision that will help protect you and your family.

Emerging Contaminants – It is important to note that it can takes years and sometimes even decades before harmful contaminants in water are regulated. Emerging contaminants such as PFAS are found in water but this group of chemicals is not regulated. PFAS and PFOA’s are linked to different types of cancer and a large number of other serious health problems. Chromium 6 is another contaminant that has become more prevalent in recent years. Some drinking water wells in Orange County have even had to be shut down due to the presence of this harmful cancer causing contaminant. There have even been movies made about the dangers of Chromium 6 and how it has impacted people’s lives. As new materials continue to be used in the manufacturing process, we are certain there will be an increase in emerging contaminants that will lead to additional health problems.

Hair and Skin – Water quality can not only harm you internally, but externally too. Calcium and magnesium in your water can lead to: premature wrinkles, dry hair, broken hair, acne, eczema, and more.

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New owners of a Halo Water Filtration System from Pristine Plumbing in San Clemente CAThe quality of your water plays a big role in your life. Pristine Plumbing is here to help you obtain a higher quality of water. Our whole house water filtration systems will be able to allow you to enjoy the best quality of water throughout your entire home. When you are looking for a water filtration system San Clemente property owners, call Pristine Plumbing.

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