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Halo Water Systems FiltrationAre you looking for the best company to hire for the installation of a water filtration system San Juan Capistrano property owners? Pristine Plumbing is the most reputable water filtration systems specialist in the greater San Juan Capistrano area. Our company not only has the highest quality and range of water filtration systems, but we also have great prices and financing options. If you have questions regarding your water quality and the benefits of a water filtration system, call Pristine Plumbing today. We will be able to answer any questions you have and match you with a water filtration that fits your needs. You can also chat with us right here on our website by clicking the “chat now” icon in the lower right hand corner.

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Why Choose Pristine Plumbing?

San Juan Capistrano FinancingPrices and Financing – There is no question that having the highest quality of water and reducing contaminants is important. We have a feeling that if it were not for the cost of a water filtration system, everyone would have one. Pristine Plumbing has carefully chosen the brand of water filtration products we carry. Our company understands it is important to have both an affordable and high quality water filtration system. That is why we have chosen to work with Halo Water Systems. They manage to have affordable prices without sacrificing the quality their products. Pristine Plumbing has gone a step further than finding high quality and affordable products for our customers. We also found financing options that allow our customers to make small payments towards the total cost of a water filtration system. When you take into consideration the financing options available to you, purchasing a water filtration system is an attainable goal for everyone.

Labor Warranty & Reviews – It is always our goal to exceed your expectations. Each and every one of our team members is highly skilled. They have extensive experience in the plumbing and water filtration industry. Pristine Plumbing has the utmost confidence in the capabilities of our water filtration system experts. That is why we are the only company that is willing to offer 18 month warranty on all labor performed by Pristine Plumbing team member. If something goes wrong with your plumbing within 18 months, and it is due to our labor, we will take care of the problem for you. We’re certain that our labor warranty is partly responsible for our company’s outstanding reputation online. We’ve been able to accumulate over 1000 outstanding reviews between Google and Yelp. Click here to read some of our reviews from customers just like you.

Why Do I Need a Water Filtration System?

San Juan Capistrano Water FiltrationSince you have made it to this page of our website, the following statement will likely come as no surprise to you. The water that comes into your home or business has contaminants that have the ability to cause serious health problems. Some of those contaminants are regulated by the EPA. However there are others that are referred to as emerging contaminants that have the ability to cause serious illness but are not currently regulated. The path to regulating these contaminants can take years or even decades. It’s important that every property owner in San Juan Capistrano take steps now to reduce the amount contaminants they are ingesting in their water.

Chlorine and Ammonia – While both ammonia and chlorine can be particularly effective at treating water for pathogens, you would never advise someone to drink either of those substances. There are no known short term effects associated with consuming small quantities of chlorine and ammonia in drinking water. However, some studies have linked long term chlorine consumption in small doses to increases in leukemia and lymphomas. Chemicals in water and air are measured in parts per million or parts per billion. Chlorine is typically measured in parts per million.

Lead – Lead can be found leaching into the water from old plumbing pipes. When water leaves the local water treatment facility, it may have very low lead levels. However, as the water passes through old plumbing pipes on the way to your property, lead leaches out into the water supply. Even though the EPA regulates lead levels, usually a total of only 50 properties need to be checked lead every three years. The Santa Margarita Water District that supplies water to San Juan Capistrano tested 61 properties in 2020. One out of the 61 had lead levels that exceeded what are called “action levels.” When you consider the number of properties in San Juan Capistrano, the numbers do not instill confidence. Even the EPA would agree that their testing methods are not adequate and need to be updated. Lead is a heavy metal that can cause serious health issues including: brain damage, kidney damage, nervous system disorders, and more. Children are most susceptible to harm from lead.

PFAS – PFAS are commonly referred to as emerging contaminant. Maximum contaminant levels are not set by the EPA. They have been linked to kidney cancer, testicular cancer, and a large number of other very serious health problems.

Minerals – Calcium and magnesium are naturally occurring in nature. The Colorado River, where most water in Southern California sourced, contains large quantities of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. These minerals are not removed from the water by local water municipalities because they help keep pipe from corroding by building up what is called “scale.” What may be good for the inside of a pipe is not good for your hair and skin. When water has high concentrations of minerals, it is referred to as hard water. Hard water can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and acne. It can also dry out and damage your hair. Additionally, it can accelerate the signs of aging by drying out skin. A high quality water filtration system will remove these minerals.

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