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Installing a Water Filtration SystemDo you have an interest in finding out more about water filtration systems Villa Park residents? Pristine Plumbing is the best company to turn to when you’re looking for a high quality, yet affordable, water filtration system in Villa Park. We feel the water filtration systems we use strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Our professional and knowledgeable water filtration experts will be able to find a water filtration system that fits both your needs and your budget. Call Pristine Plumbing for answers to any and all of your water filtration questions. You can chat with us here on our site or read more about our water filtration services below. We look forward to being the solution to your water filtration system needs.

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Prices – Pristine Plumbing has water filtration system installation prices that are highly competitive in the local market. Our goal is to keep our prices as low as possible while never jeopardizing the quality of our products, customer care, services. There are a wide range of products in the water filtration industry. It is very important to understand the difference between different types of systems and their capabilities. Some water filtration systems do very little to filter out some of the most widely known and dangerous contaminants. Pristine Plumbing stands behind products made by Halo Water systems because we know we can trust the quality of their systems and carbon filters.

GreenSky FinancingFinancing – The primary factor that keeps most Villa Park properties from having a water filtration system installed is the initial cost. Pristine Plumbing has been able to find financing options that reduce your initial out of pocket costs drastically. When the cost of a water filtration system is broken down over time, a water filtration system can become affordable for almost everyone. If you have questions regarding financing, just call Pristine Plumbing. We will be able to answer any questions you have regarding the financing process. Pristine Plumbing is honestly thankful that our financing options have helped so many local property owners get the water filtration system they want at a price that is attainable.

Why Is It Important to Have a Water Filtration System Villa Park?

Villa Park Water Filtration SystemBottled water – If you’re drinking bottled water because you think it is better than the water that comes from your tap, you may be surprised to find out that bottled water actually comes from the same place you get your water in your home. Some studies have stated that up to 64% of bottled water is from municipal tap water sources. Bottled water costs 2000 times more than the water from your own home. Not only that, did you know that 25 million barrels of oil each year are used to produce plastic water bottles? That’s a staggering amount of oil and carbon being added to our environment for plastic water bottles. Using a whole house water filtration system will help you ditch bottled water for good and allow you to save money while you enjoy a better quality of water.

There’s no question that the quality of your water can play a significant role in your health. The fact that you are actively seeking to find the right water filtration system is a pretty good indication that you are already aware of that fact. However, most people are surprised to find out about how many contaminants are actually in their water. Below we will outline just a few of the most dangerous contaminants in your water and why they are in your water to begin with.

Chlorine & Ammonia – It’s hard to imagine that the least dangerous regulated contaminants in your water are chlorine and ammonia. Both chlorine and ammonia are used to disinfect your water. They are also referred to as chloramines. The quantities that are allowed to remain in your water are not known to cause short term negative impacts on your health. However, not much is known about the long-term effects of consuming chlorine and ammonia in small quantities.

Lead – Lead is one of the most common dangerous contaminants found in water system throughout the United States. It is estimated that up to 1/3 entire United States has water service lines containing lead. Lead was banned from being used in new plumbing pipes in 1986. However, fixtures containing lead could still be labeled lead free as long as less than 8% of their total weight was lead. That law was changed in 2014 to lower the percentage to 0.25%. Lead can have a devastating effect because it competes with and replaces calcium in the body. Lead inhibits your kidney function, neural function, bone growth, and more.

PFOA, PFOS, & PFAS – These are commonly referred to as an emerging contaminant. There is currently no maximum contaminant level for PFAS (Polyfluoroalkyl) set by the EPA. It’s pretty remarkable when you consider the number of products that have PFAS and the negative impact they can have on your health. According to the EPA, studies have indicated that PFAS can cause liver damage, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, low birth weights, skeletal variations and more. It can take years or even decades of studies before they create maximum contaminant level guidelines for contaminants. PFAS never leave the body once they have entered which makes them particularly dangerous. They are found in everything from carpets, pizza boxes, microwave popcorn bags, paints, sealants, and more. A high quality water filtration system will reduce PFAS in your water.

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