Plumbing Companies Yorba Linda

Plumbing Companies Yorba Linda

It is very common for older homes and businesses in Yorba Linda to have older types of material making up its plumbing system. Materials like galvanized iron, lead, zinc, or plastic were commonly used in sewer lines and water main lines to properties. There will come a time where you should start to think about pipe repair and pipe replacement to avoid burst pipes and health risks. Pristine Plumbing offers the most prompt, affordable and reliable pipe repair, replacement, and installation services in Yorba Linda. Give us a call regardless of the size, time, or urgency.

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Why Are My Pipes Making Sounds?

Yorba Linda Plumbing Companies

There are a number of troubling and bizarre sounds the plumbing on your property can make. If you hear water rushing or flowing behind a wall when there is no running water from a faucet or water source, this may be an indication that there is a leak, or pipes that are not of the correct size.

Sounds like bubbling, gurgling, or burping can be a sign of a clog within your system. Air bubbles can be making their way through their pipes. This might sound funny or strange, but it should never be ignored. Clogs should always be dealt with, and this is a sign of a clog that is not seen.

Banging, rattling and knocking sounds could be an indication of insecure water lines or lines that were not installed properly. Banging could also occur from a blockage in your lines that is causing water or air to be forced through curvatures through pipes. Sounds coming from your pipes could also be an indication that your water heater is having issues.

Any sounds coming from your plumbing could mean pipe repair services are needed. Do not put off strange sounds until they become plumbing emergencies. Schedule plumbing services today by calling (714) 397-5954 and having a licensed expert inspect and repair any of your plumbing issues promptly.

Why Do I Have Smells Coming From My Plumbing?

Smells from Plumbing

If you have noticed that your water is not smelling fresh or has a pungent odor to it, you should have it inspected. Although usually harmless, there is the rare occasion that unpleasant smelling drinking water can be contaminated with sewage or other water supplies.

Odors can sometimes come from food and debris that have backed up in your drains and pipes and rotted away and produce stinky bacteria. Gross, right? One thing you can do to help keep your drains clean is to install drain catchers to prevent hair, food, and debris from going down your drains and building up. Very hot water mixed with lemon juice and vinegar can be used to safely clean your pipes and drains without the use of harsh chemicals that are often found in store bought drain cleaning products. Commercial drain cleaners have a lot of harsh chemicals that can completely chew through hour pipes and cause them to break or burst.

Sometimes the drain systems in your Yorba Linda home or business are not properly vented and can allow sewage gasses to seep up into your home via the drains. If a vent pipe has become clogged, there will be nowhere for sewage air to go, and it will eventually start to work its way up through your plumbing system.

Routine maintenance of your plumbing system can help you to prevent foul smells from developing in your plumbing. Scheduling drain cleaning services from Pristine Plumbing every 2 to 3 years can help remove any debris, clogs, and back ups in your network and well as help us to identify any damages or need for pipe repair or replacement.

How Long Should My Pipes Last?

The lifespan of your Yorba Linda plumbing system is heavily dependent on when it was made, how well it has been maintained, and the materials that were used to compose it. That being said, the average lifespan should run you about 50+ years if everything was properly instilled, and regularly inspected and maintained.

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Pristine Plumbing has all of the necessary tools, training, equipment, and experience to handle any plumbing issue. If you are looking for ways you can help by installing water efficient fixtures to your home that will save water and money on your bills, we have you covered. We offer the best in tankless water heater installation, pipe repair, pipe replacement, and much more. Our residential and commercial plumbing services are unmatched and have kept us voted the best plumbing company in Yorba Linda. Check our list of special offer, ask about our senior and military discounts, and see how Pristine Plumbing can give you top rated service that will work with your schedule and budget.

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