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woman-taking-her-clothes-out-of-washing-machineAre you living in Yorba Linda and having an issue with your water heater? Call Pristine Plumbing and find out why we are Yorba Linda’s local water heater repair and replacement experts. Our team of plumbing professionals will diagnose your issue and offer you the best options for how to move forward. While some companies might try to push a new water heater on you to pad their wallets, we pride ourselves in being able to work with all types and brands of water heaters and if we can get you back to normal with water heater repair rather than a full water heater replacement, we will! Get a hold of us through our online chat, e-mail, or give us a call. We’re available 24/7 to meet your needs and answer all questions.

Why is Pristine Plumbing So Popular?

One Reason is Our Competitive Pricing!

While water heater issues are rarely something that anybody plans for, they can often feel like they’re showing up at the worst possible time. Understanding the stress that a situation requiring water heater repair can cause, we will do our best to calm your mind with upfront, honest pricing. When we quote you with an estimate, we’ll stick to that estimate. We provide competitive pricing across the Yorba Linda area, and in certain cases where a repair situation reaches the limit of your available budget, we offer financing options that can ease the burden by allowing you to break down the cost of a water heater repair or replacement over many months, rather than all at once.

Ask About Our Free Whole House Plumbing Inspections!

Another reason we are a local company that rises above the rest is because of our Free Whole House Plumbing Inspections. By offering you a comprehensive report on the status of your entire home’s plumbing system, we can help you avoid future problems down the road and diagnose issues that might be causing problems that go wholly unnoticed until its too late and the repair cost can skyrocket and go far beyond what a plumber covers. Let one of our friendly experts take the worry out of not knowing if you’re months, weeks, or even days away from a plumbing catastrophe that could have otherwise been easily avoided.

Our Water Heater Experts Will Save You Money

Whether we have shown up for a specific issue with your water heater, such as a pilot light malfunctioning or something down the line such as a thermocouple or gas valve, our team of water heater experts are trained in all manners of water heater repair and plumbing overall. We are not going to try to push a water heater on you that you don’t need. If your water heater is able to be repaired safely and in a manner that will extend the life of your water heater, we will do so and walk you through the steps and costs involved. If you’ve been told by another company that you have to replace your water heater, let the true experts at Pristine Plumbing take a look and ensure you’re in the best of hands. Our customers’ best interest is our best interest. Even if you end up do requiring a water heater replacement, we are often the best priced for those services as well.

Honest, Written Estimates

With all work, we provide our customers with a written estimate itemizing what needs to be done to restore your water heater to working order. With an honest price given to you, you’ll be able to confidently decide if a repair or replacement fits within your budget. In the case that your water heater situation puts a strain on your current home repair budget, we also provide financing options.

Types of Water Heaters Across Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda was incorporated as a city in 1967, but this city has seen many upgrades across the land including solar power and tankless water heaters replacing the standard large tank water heaters many of us think of when we hear the term “water heater.” The team at Pristine Plumbing is extensively trained in the management, upkeep, repair, installation, and replacement of both types of water heaters. If you are considering moving to a tankless water heater, please give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer you a quote as well as breakdown the long-term cost savings when moving from standard to tankless.

Water Heater Yorba LindaStandard Water Heaters – The standard water heater is a tried and true piece of equipment that has been providing hot water when residents need it for decades. Using natural gas, the typical water heater can hold anywhere from forty to sixty gallons of water at a set temperature defined by the dial often located at the bottom of the tank. While they offer a cheaper installation, the standard water heater has a limited life of 8-5 years and if not maintained or replaced, can often fail in a spectacular way, leaving one’s garage floor suddenly finding itself under the forty to sixty gallons of water mentioned above. Taking this lifespan and compounding the fact that they allow heat to dissipate rather well, especially in the winter. This requires more energy to keep the tank at a constant temperature so it’s ready and waiting for your next dish washing session or shower.

Tankless Water Heater Yorba LindaTankless Water Heaters – As they become more popular across Yorba Linda, many residents are finding tankless water heaters to be a welcome addition to their home. While they come with a higher entry price, the tankless water heater more than pays for itself over time due to its lifespan being anywhere from 2x to 3x longer than a standard water heater. They are also much smaller, and because of the reduced surface space and how they quickly heat the water, far less energy is lost and wasted compared to a full sized standard tank exposed to the elements.

If the thought of making the jump to a tankless water heater is soured by the upfront costs one might incur, you will be happy to learn of our financing options that can help defray the costs over a longer period of time. Once the tankless water heater is paid for, Yorba Linda residents enjoy lower energy usage, and for some, more importantly, endlessly hot showers! Since there’s no reservoir involved, and tankless water heaters heat your water on demand, any time hot water is necessary, its available.

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