Gifts For The Plumber In Your Family

Useful Plumber Tools To Have On Hand

There are always going to be occasions to give gifts to people in your household and there’s no reason why at least some of them can’t be practical, helpful items. While not all plumbing issues are ones you should try to take care of DIY style, when something happens, it’s important to have the right tools on hand for the project. Here are a few tools that plumbers recommend you have on hand in case of emergency so you can stop the flow of water until the plumber arrives to make the repair happen.


Pliers with slip joints or even water pump pliers have longer handles that can grip things easier. If you’re having trouble getting a fixture to turn on or off or you can’t get your hands behind the fixture to get to the on and off switch, pliers can help you get the job done so you can take your time in calling the plumber for the repair.

Flange Plunger

Every bathroom, or at least every household, should have a flange plunger to clear occasional toilet clogs. These plungers work better than traditional shapes and they can be very helpful in a pinch. If your toilet clogs on a regular basis, even if you aren’t flushing anything but the proper toilet paper, you’ll want to contact a plumber for help.

Sink Auger

There are sink plungers as well, but this rotating drum snake can help you clean out easy clogs from your sink drains. If you aren’t able to clear things out this way, or if the sink just clogs up again a day or two later, it’s best to call a plumber in for the clearing process so you don’t damage the pipes.

O Rings And Rubber Washers

A variety of plumbing items use O rings and rubber washers and you never really know when you might need them. Keeping a variety pack on hand in an easy-to-reach location can help you in a pinch.

Adding To The Tool Chest

When you buy any of these items for someone in your house, you could add them to an already existing tool chest or create a new tool belt to make them stand out that much more. While they might not be the most romantic gifts, pairing them with something more thoughtful, like a dinner on the town or tickets to an upcoming event can make the gift feel practical and exciting all at once. If nothing else, buy them and give them to yourself if you’re the one who will most likely use them anyway.

Get More Plumber/Tool Advice

If you want to know what other tools you should keep in your home, contact your plumber for more advice. You will want to call Pristine Plumbing for any large or even moderate issues you have. But there are a few things you at least attempt on your own (like unclogging the toilet with a plunger) before you make the call.

Getting Water Leak Repair Instead Of Allowing Damage

Don’t Put Off Water Leak Repair

Many homeowners have water leaks in their home and they simply ignore them, hoping they’ll go away or, at the very least, that they won’t get worse. But that’s about the worst thing you can do as a homeowner. Ignoring repairs that really need attention can end up causing serious damage and costing a lot more money than they would have to repair. Here are a few reasons you want to deal with water leak repair right away instead of putting it off until the inevitable happens.

Reason 1: Avoid Water Damage

Sure, everyone spills a little water on the floor from time to time, but have you ever dumped a whole bucket on the couch and let it just sit there? Water can do serious damage to your home and if it seeps into the walls, gets into the ceilings, permeates the flooring and so on, it can cost a lot to clean up. Sometimes, the water can’t be ‘cleaned up’ and you have some serious repairs and replacement projects on your hands. Instead of waiting for a water leak to get worse and cause major damage, it’s best to take care of it while it’s still small and controllable.

Reason 2: Disturb Mold Growth

When you know you have a leak, that’s the time to call for water leak repair. Any time there’s water present in any capacity, you have the opportunity to start mold growth. Mold loves wet places and if they’re dark and damp most of the time, the mold will thrive. Once mold starts growing, it’s very hard to get rid of it and it can be very dangerous. Instead of letting your leak call mold growth to your home, take care of it fast and avoid those issues.

Reason 3: Pay Less Now

What will cost less: fixing a small leak in your shower fixture or replacing a burst pipe? The first option, of course. Now, not every leak is going to lead to a burst pipe, but leaks don’t generally go away on their own and they often indicate that there’s something else going on. When you get a small leak fixed, you pay a small amount of money to a plumber. If you let it sit for too long, it could cause larger issues or the deeper root of the problem could become an emergency, which will undeniably cost you way more down the road.

Call For Water Leak Repairs

You are going to be much better off getting your plumber to your home to assess and fix your water leak repair needs as soon as you notice you have a leak. Not only will those annoying dripping sounds go away, but you won’t have to worry about water damage, mold growth, and way bigger costs in the future. If you can’t see a leak, but you suspect something is up because your water bill is high or you see stains on the walls or ceilings, it’s just as important to get Pristine Plumbing to your home.

Caring For Your Bathroom Plumbing

Preventative Maintenance On Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing is a part of several rooms of your house, but it’s never more important than in the bathroom. Plumbing problems in the bathroom can be inconvenient, annoying, messy, and even downright damaging. Water leaks or other problems can cause rot, mold, and damage to the walls and floor. It’s best to take care of the bathroom plumbing in every way possible to avoid damaging your house or having a major emergency that could have been circumvented. Here are a few things to do to keep up with your bathroom plumbing maintenance needs.

Prevent Clogs

When your bathroom plumbing pipes get clogged up, it’s hard for water to drain away from the bathroom. You might see your drains running more slowly and eventually, water could start to back up into the bathroom. There are things you can do to prevent those clogs from occurring in the first place. First, put screens over the sink, shower, and tub drains to keep hair and other debris from going down the drain and causing clogs. Use the right plunger on toilets or sinks when you notice a small clog occurring and call for help when the plumbing seems to get worse. And watch for smells from the drain that could indicate things are building up inside.

Watch Leaks

You can tell when you have a leak in a faucet or from the shower head, but it’s not always that simple. Your toilet might be leaking inside and you won’t even know it. If you have a sink that fills up with bubbles while it drains, there could be a leak somewhere. You might notice a musty smell, or you could see water stains on the bathroom wall or ceiling. Know where your shut off valves are to all fixtures and to the house as a whole. When you have a leak, and you can identify which fixture is causing it, shut water off to that fixture until the plumber can take a look and get things fixed. It’s better to be safe than very sorry if something becomes an emergency later.

Conserve Water And The Plumbing

The harder you work your bathroom plumbing, the more repairs it will need. Conserving water can also help you give the plumbing a break. Try to restrict the amount of time you spend in the shower and shut the water off in the sink when you brush your teeth. You’re doing something good for your water bill, the environment, and also your bathroom plumbing.

Have Things Checked Out

Bathrooms are connected to sewer lines and if there’s ever an issue, the last thing you want is a backup into your house. It’s in your best interest to have your sewer system and bathroom plumbing checked over by a professional plumber every year so you can ensure things are running efficiently and effectively. Plumbers like the professionals at Pristine Plumbing will notice small things like leaks and can take care of them before they become much larger headaches.

Reasons To Have An Emergency Plumber In Your Contact List

Keep That Emergency Plumber Number On Your Phone

Emergencies happen. While you can prepare as much as you want, you can’t predict when something is going to happen. A lot of people have an ICE phone number programmed into their phone so if something happens, whoever gets to their phone will know who to call. ICE stands for “in case of emergency.” It makes sense to be prepared. While not every emergency will have you needing someone to make calls for you, there are emergencies within your house that you should prepare for as well. You might, for example, have the number for poison control on your fridge, just in case. You have taught your kids how to dial 911 in case something happens. And so on and so forth. Along those lines, it’s only practical to find an emergency plumber and program their number into your phone. Here are a few reasons to move forward with that plan.

Reason 1: Save Time When Emergencies Arise

When a pipe bursts or a toilet is overflowing, time is of the essence. Instead of spending time looking up emergency plumbers and then trying to get one on the phone, you could have the plumber on their way within minutes. When emergencies happen, calling the plumber right away is in your best interest. Even a little time saved can cut back on the amount of damage you accrue.

Reason 2: Check Out Plumbers Beforehand

When you have an emergency happening around you and you need a plumber, you’ll type emergency plumber into your search engine and call the first one that pops up. It’s a dire situation and you need someone right away. But if you think ahead and check out plumbers before an emergency occurs, you can feel good about the choices you are making. You have time on your side and you can look over their website, read reviews, get an understanding of their services, and know what you are getting when you need to work with them.

Reason 3: Form A Relationship

Emergency plumbers are there to help you when something happens and you need someone right away, but if you use a plumber you have a relationship, you can get even better service. Find a plumber that maintains plumbing systems, fixes leaks, and works in emergency plumbing. That way, they know your home well and you have someone to call when something goes wrong. That relationship can take you a long way in emergency situations.

Look For Emergency Plumbers Today

Before your pipe bursts, your toilet overflows, or the sprinkler system explodes, you need to have a plumber in your phone, ready to call at any time. With any luck, you’ll never use the number—or at least not for an emergency. But you’ll sleep better at night knowing you have someone to call and know just what to do if something happens that you don’t expect. If you need to find that emergency plumber to type into your contact list, look into Pristine Plumbing.

Differences Between Residential And Commercial Plumbing

Getting The Commercial Plumbing You Need

Pipes are pipes, right? They all operate the same way, whether they are in a home or a business. While that is somewhat true, residential plumbers and commercial plumbers serve two different purposes. If you have a commercial operation, you need commercial plumbing and the right plumber to care for it. Here are some of the main differences between residential and commercial plumbing to help you tell them apart.

Structure Size

One of the most obvious differences between a home and a commercial building is the size of the structure. Homes are usually smaller than commercial settings. They also usually have quite a bit less plumbing. Houses will have plumbing in the bathrooms and kitchen, but commercial buildings may have several bathrooms, all with many fixtures, and several kitchens as well. They usually have an increased demand on those fixtures as well based on the number of people who frequent the building on a regular basis rather than just one family.

Multiple Locations On Multiple Floors

While homes sometimes have two levels with bathrooms on each, commercial buildings have the potential to have many levels with plumbing on all of them. Gravity is a huge deal where plumbing is involved, and water pressure is important for buildings with lots of levels. A good commercial plumbing company will understand all of that while a residential plumber may not.

Specific Problems

Residential plumbing has variations of the same issues, for the most part. Those include things like backed up drains, leaking faucets, and toilet troubles. Commercial plumbing, on the other side, faces wider issues that have to have solutions. Plumbers not only need to know the basics, because what happens in a home can happen in a commercial building too, but they also need to be up on current codes and prepare for things that can’t or don’t happen typically in homes.

More Pipes, More Leak Options

Homes have plenty of pipes, but they are rather limited because they only have so much plumbing. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, have a lot more pipes included because there are a lot more fixtures. There may be bathrooms on two different sides of the building and on different floors. When a leak occurs, there are a lot more pipes to check during water leak detection. Those pipes have to be treated in the right manner so as not to cause more damage.

Finding A Commercial Plumbing Company

If you have plumbing issues at home, a residential plumber can take care of it for you, without a problem. But you may have to call a different company when commercial plumbing issues come up in your place of business. Residential plumbers specialize in home issues while commercial plumbers can take care of a larger size and variety of issues that can occur within a commercial system. Luckily, Pristine Plumbing has both residential and commercial plumbers on hand to help you with either issue you might be having with as little inconvenience as possible.