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Welcome to the website of the best garbage disposal repair company in Anaheim, Pristine Plumbing. If you need immediate assistance, give us a call. We respond to service calls 24 hours a day. You can also chat with us right here on our website. If you have questions about your garbage disposal or about our company, don't hesitate to ask. Schedule your service call now. We will get your garbage disposal working again quickly. Looking for more information about Pristine Plumbing or garbage disposals? Read more below.

Kitchen Sink DrainGarbage disposal repair service calls are one of the most common types of calls we receive. There are a couple of reasons we receive so many calls for garbage disposal re pairs. One of the main reasons we receive so many calls for garbage disposals is due to the fact that a garbage disposal is one of the most useful and frequently used items in a kitchen. Due to the way a garbage disposal operates mechanically and its consistent proximity to objects that can become lodged within it, they have a propensity for needing maintenance frequently. Additionally, Pristine Plumbing receives a large volume of service calls for garbage disposal repair because we are the most affordable garbage disposal repair company in Anaheim. Pristine Plumbing continues to have competitive prices on all of the services we offer and garbage disposal repair.


Pristine Plumbing is one the fastest growing plumbing companies in Anaheim. In addition to having the best prices on garbage disposal repair in Anaheim, we also offer financing. Combining our competitive prices with our financing options drastically reduces your initial costs for garbage disposal repair. If you are ready to schedule your garbage disposal repair services, call Pristine Plumbing today! A member of the Pristine Plumbing team will quickly send one of our professional plumbers to your Anaheim home or business. Don't forget that you also have an option to chat with us and schedule right here on our website. Pristine Plumbing can schedule your service call through chat. We will also happily answer any and all questions you have regarding your garbage disposal. Thank you for considering Pristine Plumbing for your garbage disposal repair needs Anaheim.


Most of us are well aware of the potential dangers garbage disposals can pose. Just the thought of being injured by a garbage disposal is pretty terrifying. We're sure that the following statement will not come as a surprise to any of you, but over 1,000 people are sent to the emergency each year due to garbage disposal related injuries. While a garbage disposal can be extremely dangerous, it is also an incredibly useful asset in your kitchen. Getting rid of vegetable peels and other food related items is as simple as flipping a switch.

It's easy to see how a garbage disposal can be one of the most useful, yet dangerous items in your kitchen. We strongly urge you to allow garbage disposal repairs to be done by an experienced garbage disposal repair company like Pristine Plumbing. Hiring us to repair your garbage disposal will allow you to avoid injury, not cause permanent damage to your garbage disposal, and pay the lowest price possible.

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

Garbage disposals are not invincible, even though sometimes we like to treat them like they are. There are a number of reasons your garbage disposal could have quit working. The first thing Pristine Plumbing does when we respond to a garbage disposal call in Anaheim is to determine if the garbage disposal is the real issue.

We will frequently arrive at a home for a garbage disposal repair service call, only to find out that there is nothing wrong with the garbage disposal. Many times it is a clog in the pipe just beyond the garbage disposal. When there is a clog in the pipe, water will not drain. Based upon the standing water, it can be easy to assume that there is something wrong with the garbage disposal. However, when a garbage disposal is running and there is standing water, you will still hear the garbage disposal motor running. The water will also likely be swirling around due to the rotation of the garbage disposal impeller (part that grinds waste). If your garbage disposal is not the problem and there is a clog in the drainage line, we will be able to quickly unclog the drain for you. What could cause the drainage pipe to clog? Most garbage disposal pipes get clogged due to items being dumped down them that should not be. Pouring grease down a garbage disposal is almost certain to clog your drain.

Another possibility for a garbage disposal not working is an obstruction. There are a multitude of objects that could cause a garbage disposals' impeller not spin properly. We strongly urge that you do not try to forcefully remove an obstruction from your garbage disposal. There is serious risk of injury when removing obstructions. If for any reason, you decide to remove anything within the garbage disposal it should be unplugged and or turned off at the circuit breaker. The best thing to do is to call an expert garbage disposal repair company like Pristine Plumbing.

There are times when an old garbage disposal simply needs to be replaced. If it is a mechanical failure, many times it can actually be more cost effective to replace a garbage disposal opposed to pay the rates for repair. Whether you simply need a repair or full replacement of your garbage disposal, it is a relatively inexpensive issue to resolve.

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Call the best garbage disposal repair company in Anaheim, Pristine Plumbing. Our prices are already lower than the other garbage disposal repair companies in Anaheim, but we are always looking for ways to help our customers save money. That is why we offer financing on garbage disposal repair services. You can take the total cost of garbage disposal repair or replacement and have the cost broken down into small payments. Pristine Plumbing has the most experienced and professional plumbers in the plumbing industry. When you hire Pristine Plumbing for garbage disposal repair, we will make sure you have a pristine experience from start to finish. Chat with us on our website or give us a call. We look forward to answering any of your garbage disposal or plumbing related questions and working with you.