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Costa Mesa Garbage Disposal RepairHaving problems with your garbage disposal in Costa Mesa? Call the best local garbage disposal repair company, Pristine Plumbing. Are we affordable? Yes. We have the most competitive prices you'll find and financing options too. Licensed and insured? Yes. Reputable? Yes, we have the best reviews and reputation in the greater Costa Mesa area. Fast response times? We have a whole team of plumbers that are ready to respond. Are we open now? Absolutely! Pristine Plumbing is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because plumbing problems don't only happen between 9:00 to 5:00. Call us now to schedule your garbage disposal repair. You can also chat with us right here on our site. Read more below about garbage disposals and the best plumbing company in Costa Mesa, Pristine Plumbing.

Pristine Plumbing responds to garbage disposal service calls frequently in Costa Mesa. It is definitely one of the most common types of service requests we receive. We are certain that we receive a large number of calls for garbage disposals due to our reputation of being one of the most affordable plumbing companies in Costa Mesa. However, we are sure we receive a large volume of calls for garbage disposal repair because they are being used in a manner they are not intended to be used. When a garbage disposal is used properly, they are really pretty awesome when you think about it. They are able to take all the fruit, vegetable, and some types of food scraps and just make them disappear. A garbage disposal is debatably, one of the most useful, yet overlooked, items in a kitchen. Most of us only really start paying attention to our garbage disposal quits working. Just like a garbage disposal makes things disappear, Pristine Plumbing will make your garbage disposal issues disappear. You are just one call away from a fast, affordable and easy solution to your garbage disposal issues.


Garbage Disposals Costa MesaWe are going to put the garbage disposals' reputation for being an incredibly useful asset in your kitchen aside for a moment and discuss the potential dangers of your garbage disposal. The following statistic will likely come as no surprise to you. Garbage disposals are responsible for thousands of visits to the emergency room each year. Most injuries are sustained when someone is attempting to remove obstruction from the impeller (spinning part inside) while it is still moving. A vast majority of those injuries are fractured bones and lacerations. In addition to impeller related injuries many people receive electrical related injuries. A garbage disposal is electric powered and is constantly in close proximity to water. When an inexperienced person is attempting to work on the electrical components of a garbage disposal, it can lead to some pretty serious consequences. If you are even moderately uncomfortable attempting to fix your garbage disposal or do not have the proper knowledge, please call a garbage disposal repair expert. It is an inexpensive repair that is not worth the risk of serious injury.

Why Did My Garbage Disposal Stop Working?

Most people assume that when their garbage disposal quits working, something has fallen into their garbage disposal to keep it from spinning. Not all obstructions are easy to locate or remove. Some of the most common, yet difficult obstructions to remove are bottle caps and broken glass. If you are unable to see the obstruction, you should not remove it on your own. Most injuries occur when people are attempting to remove obstructions. If you decide to attempt this on your own, please shut off the power to the garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal Repair Costa MesaObstructions are not the only culprit that causes garbage disposal issues. Another common problem involves the drain pipes connected to garbage disposals. Everything that enters into your garbage disposal, exits through a drainage pipe. It is not uncommon for us to arrive at a garbage disposal repair service call only to find out there is nothing wrong with the garbage disposal at all. What we end up finding on many of our garbage disposal repair calls is a clog in the drainage pipe. Items like grease and oils quickly clog up drainage pipes when the hot grease or oil cools and solidifies. Bacon grease is frequently dumped down kitchen sinks attached to a garbage disposal. After all it looks like something that would get washed away without incident. When grease enters the garbage disposal, it passes through the drainage pipe, and then goes through a pipe with a curve called a P trap where the grease solidifies. When grease or oil becomes solid, all other items that pass through the garbage disposal will become stuck. If you have standing water and can hear the garbage disposals' impeller spinning, then you likely have a clogged drainage pipe. The good news is Pristine Plumbing can quickly remove any clog. Our modern techniques save a lot of time and are more thorough that traditional clog removal techniques.

Every garbage disposal eventually chops its last carrot and just needs to be replaced. When a garbage disposal motor quits working, it is more cost effective to just replace the garbage disposal opposed to repair or replace the motor. Garbage disposals are very inexpensive. One of Pristine Plumbing's experienced plumbers can have a new high-quality garbage disposal installed quickly.

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