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Green Services

Water is one of our most valuable resources and we all can help in its conservation.

Why Green Plumbing?

“Green Plumbers® USA has a goal to train plumbers on the technologies and techniques that limit water and energy waste.”

Joining Green Plumbers® USA has afforded us the opportunity to provide environmentally friendly plumbing to our community. The training consists of a five-part accreditation in environmental and technical issues. Accredited Green Plumbers® have the opportunity to become Licensed Green Plumbers®.

Why did you become a Licensed Green Plumber®?

It was important for us to become more knowledgeable about using the latest in green plumbing technologies. What is more “green” than protecting our water? That’s what plumbers do, and it helps us contribute to the sustainability of our community.

As licensed Green Plumbers, you can be assured that our Pristine Plumbing technicians are committed to:

  • Education
  • Integrity in workmanship
  • Commitment to the environment and the community
  • Superior service
  • Customer satisfaction

How does Green Plumbing benefit me as a customer?

The techniques and technologies put into practice with Green Plumbing can result in increased water and energy savings for your home or business. Not only will we fix a leak but put good practices into place that could lower your water bill in the long run as well. All it takes is a bit of a paradigm shift, and we can all help conserve..

How can I conserve water in my own home?

Water and energy reducing ideas:

  • Fit faucets and shower heads with water restricting aerators or use new high-efficiency fixtures
  • Replace toilets with more water-efficient models
  • Use water conserving landscape irrigation
  • Install a tankless water heater
  • On-demand water pumps can reduce the wait for hot water while minimizing water usage
  • Consider solar water heating systems
OC Register Best of Orange County

Picture1 pristine plumbing irvine plumber orange countyNearly 12,000 people cast more than 108,000 votes in 70 categories to determine the top three selections in each category. Pristine Plumbing was voted Best of Orange County in the Green and Solar Category.

Owner Richard Cadogan is one of a handful of Orange County plumbers who is accredited by Green Plumbers USA, an organization that trains licensed plumbers in technologies and techniques that reduce the waste of water and energy.

“Green Plumbers USA affords us the opportunity to provide environmentally friendly plumbing to our community”.  We are proud to hold this accreditation.

In addition to traditional plumbing services, Pristine Pluming installs low-flow toilets, tankless water heaters, on-demand water pumps, conducts water audits, and assessment for solar water heating systems.   He believes that lowering water flow does not have to mean lower performance.

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