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Our Laundry Room Plumbing Services

Plumbing in your laundry room can be one of the most difficult to assess on your own. From your washing machine to your utility sink and faucet, Pristine is here to help.

Washing Machine Plumbing Services

Washing machines make life easier. However, when you’re dealing with plumbing issues connected with this appliance, frustration and inconvenience can result.

If your washing machine is overflowing or you have issues with clogged floor drains in your laundry room, be careful with trying to “DIY” serious issues. Pristine Plumbing is here to help.

We offer top-notch washing machine plumbing services to ensure this important appliance in your home works properly. Here are just some of the services we provide!


Pristine Plumbing’s trained experts can navigate your laundry room plumbing better than most. We will accurately assess what the root of the issue is before doing any work.


If something is wrong with your washing machine’s plumbing, contact Pristine Plumbing. We can fix the water supply line leading to your washing machine and prevent overflowing problems.


Some laundry rooms are fitted with floor drains near their washing machines. If your floor drain is clogged, count on us to clean this important drain and remove any clogs.

Utility Sink & Faucet Services

At Pristine Plumbing, we have years of experience in replacing and installing sinks of all kinds. Our services extend to your laundry room’s utility sink and faucet as well.

Utility sinks and laundry tubs make doing the laundry even easier. However, when problems arise like leaks, clogs, and poor water flow, they can leave you scratching your head.

Trying to “DIY” your utility sink and faucet needs may only make matters worse. Call our seasoned professionals for skillful repair, replacement, and installation services.


Are you dealing with a broken or leaking laundry sink faucet? What about clogged drains in your utility sink? Pristine can handle these issues safely and quickly for Orange County customers.


If you need a utility sink or faucet replaced, don’t worry. Our expert plumbers will be on the scene with fast service windows, affordable prices, and quality work guaranteed.


Utility sink and faucet installation is a cinch for our professionals. Improper installation can lead to more problems down the road. That’s why it pays to have an expert do it right the first time.


“Pristine is OUTSTANDING. This is the highest, best, friendliest level of service I have ever received or even heard of from a plumber. I’ll never use anyone else again.” —Andrew L.

“From setting the appointment to resolving the issue, Pristine was great! This company clearly has two priorities - customer service and quality work. Dwain was professional, friendly and knowledgeable.” —Jennifer N.

“Ruben H. came, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and got the work done quickly without hassle. I would certainly recommend Pristine Plumbing to anyone who needs work done.” —Steven T.


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