Leak Detection Fullerton

Fullerton Leak DetectionIf you need leak detection Fullerton residents and property owners, call Pristine Plumbing. Our full service plumbing and leak detection company has a team of the most well respected leak detection experts in Fullerton. Our competitive prices and dedication to customer satisfaction has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing and most reputable plumbing companies in Fullerton. We provide free estimates on all plumbing services including leak detection. Additionally we also offer financing. Call Pristine Plumbing to schedule your leak detection appointment today. You can also chat with us right here on our website by clicking the chat icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about the leak detection process, financing, or our plumbing company. You can also continue reading to find more information about Pristine Plumbing and leak detection services.

Why Should You Hire Pristine Plumbing for Leak Detection Services?

Leak Detection FullertonQuality of Service – Pristine Plumbing offers the highest quality of leak detection services available. Each member of the Pristine Plumbing team is dedicated to their craft. Our leak detection experts will do whatever it takes to make sure when they leave your property all of the leaks within your plumbing system have been located. Due to the fact we are a full service plumbing company most people that hire us for leak detection services will also hire of the repair a leak as well. When Pristine Plumbing fixes a plumbing problem you can rest assured that the work was done to the highest possible standard.

Warranty – We behind our work like no other local leak detection company. Pristine plumbing offers an 18 month labor warranty. If the labor we performed does not hold up over an 18 month period of time we will take care of the plumbing problem for you. We're able to offer 18 month labor because we have the utmost confidence in the capabilities of every plumbing professional on the Pristine Plumbing team. Keep in mind that this warranty is in addition to the manufacturer warranties. All plumbing part manufactures have their own product warranties.

Financing – No one is able to budget for plumbing emergencies. An unexpected plumbing repair may cause financial hardship for some of our customers. That is why Pristine Plumbing started offering our customers an option to finance the cost of their leak detection and plumbing repairs. Financing will allow you to reduce your initial out of pocket cost by breaking the entire cost into to small easy to manage payments. We are proud to be able to offer our customers a solution that allows them to afford the plumbing services they need.

Prices – Our prices are competitive and are in line with what the other local licensed plumbing companies in Fullerton charge. However, no other company is willing to offer the same prices we are and match our warranties. If you want the best prices on leak detection Fullerton, from the best residential and commercial plumbing company, call Pristine Plumbing today.

Reputation – Our solid reputation is a result of our dedication to our customer's needs. Pristine Plumbing has been able to obtain over 1000 reviews on Yelp and Google.

Our company was founded on what we refer to as our "RITE core values."



Treat each other with dignity



Morals and honesty



Ability to rely on each other



Exceed each other’s expectations

Our team members all believe in and practice our core values every day. We will always treat you with respect, be honest, create trust, and work hard to exceed your expectations. It is our goal to make you another one of our satisfied customers that is willing to write a review for us on Yelp or Google. Click here to read some of our reviews.

Why Is It Important to Determine if I Have a Leak?

Mold Leak Detection FullertonProperty Damage – Both interior and exterior leaks can cause substantial damage to your property. The type and extent of the damage depends heavily upon where the leak is coming from. If you have a leak on the exterior of your home you may see sinkholes other damage to your landscape. The largest risks associated with a water leak have to do with mold. Mold can cause serious property damage and have long-term implications on your health. Certain species of mold can cause symptoms that range from asthma, itchy eyes, depression, insomnia, restlessness, difficulty focusing, irritability, organ failure, or worse. Mold can start to grow in as little as 48 hours after water has been exposed to an environment. When you have a leak you're not just in a race against the clock to find the cause of a leak and have it repaired. You're really in a race against the clock to have those things done and to get your property dried out. Mold only needs 55% relative humidity to grow. All the areas where we typically find leaks are an ideal environment for mold growth. Their dark areas with plenty of organic matter (wood, dust, drywall) for mold to use as a food source. Pristine plumbing is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we know how important it is to get started right away when you have a leak. If you suspect you have a leak call us right away. You can also chat with us right here on our website or fill out our contact form. We always answer our phone and respond to chat messages immediately.

Increase in Your Water Bill – A large majority of our customers start to suspect they have a water leak when they receive their water bill and it is much higher than usual. Some types of leaks can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill in a single month.

Call Pristine Plumbing

If you suspect you need leak detection Fullerton, call Pristine Plumbing. We will determine whether or not you have a leak and give you our expert on advice on the next steps that need to be taken. Keep in mind we offer free estimates, have financing available, and have emergency plumbing services available to you 24 hours a day. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you and thank you for considering Pristine Plumbing for all of your leak detection needs in Fullerton.