Leak Detection Laguna Hills

When you are worried you may have a leak in your plumbing system, call the best company for leak detection Laguna Hills has to offer, Pristine Plumbing. Our leak detection company has had the pleasure of working with, and helping a large number of residents locate leaks on their property in Laguna Hills. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have regarding leak detection or our plumbing company. You can call us or chat with us here on our website by clicking the chat icon on the lower part of your screen. Below you will be able to find more information about our full service plumbing company, our financing options, and other helpful information about leak detection.

Frequently Asked Questions About Leak Detection

How Can I Tell if I Have a Leak?

The only way you can really be sure that you do not have a leak on your property in Laguna Hills is to contact an expert leak detection company. A member of our experienced leak detection team will be able to tell you with absolute certainty both if you have a leak and where it is located. Because we are a full service plumbing company, if we locate a leak on your property, we will give you a written estimate for repairing the damage that we find. Your leak detection expert will be able to show you and explain to you in great detail the cause and solution of your plumbing leak.

We can do a simple test on your own to specifically determine whether or not you have a leak in your water supply line. The first thing you’ll need to do is to shut off the water inside and outside your home. If your water meter continues running as though you’re using water even though no water is being used inside your home, you likely have a leak in your water supply line. You have to keep in mind that a water supply line is only a small part of your entire plumbing system. The method we mentioned will not tell you: where a leak is located, whether you have a leak in a drainpipe, or a leak in your main sewer line. It is merely a simple hack to specifically test your water supply line.

To be perfectly honest, the best thing you can do is hire the best leak detection company in Laguna Hills. Pristine plumbing uses industry leading methods and technologies to locate leaks with incredible precision. There are many instances where we will find multiple leaks on the same leak detection job. That is where experience pays off. While other companies would stop inspecting a system once a single leak was found, we will continue looking to make sure we find the root cause of your problem.

How Important Is It to Locate a Water Leak?

Mold Leak DetectionIt is extremely important to locate the source of the leak and to repair it as quickly as possible. Not just because it has the potential to increase the cost of your water bill either. But also because more often than not, water can lead to mold that can have a lasting impact on your health. Mold only needs three things in order to grow and reproduce rapidly: A dark place, any organic matter, and water. The places where your plumbing pipes are located already have two out of three of the elements required for growth. The mold spores are already there lying dormant and relatively harmless. That is until water is introduced to their environment. People can become remarkably ill from mold exposure. When they become sick and go to the doctor or hospital, the symptoms caused by mold exposure are treated, but the underlying cause of their symptoms is rarely discovered. A lot of the symptoms caused by toxic mold exposure can also be caused by a large number of other things. Here are some of the symptoms that can be caused by toxic mold exposure: Asthma, aches, muscle cramps, chronic headaches, light sensitivity, sinus infections, abdominal pain, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fatigue, coughing, joint pain, memory issues, difficulty concentrating, confusion, disorientation, mood swings, night sweats, numbness, excessive thirst, organ failure, and vertigo. As you can imagine when you go to a doctor with any of those symptoms they are not going to instantly associate your symptoms with toxic mold exposure. This is especially true because it is likely that you don’t even know you have been exposed to toxic mold.


Identifying the location of a leak and eliminating the leak is important to your health and safety. We feel that financial limitations should never prohibit you from receiving the leak detection and corresponding plumbing repairs you need. That is why Pristine Plumbing offers financing for leak detection and plumbing repair services. The total cost of the services you receive can be converted from one lump sum into smaller monthly payments and that will be more conducive to your budget. If you have questions about financing call Pristine Plumbing or post your question in the chat box located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

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We are honestly the best plumbing and leak detection company that services Laguna Hills. Our company offers an 18 month warranty on all labor that our team members have provided. If a plumbing repair or replacement work does not last up to 18 months and it is due to our labor, we will correct the issue at no additional cost to you. Why would we offer such a great warranty when other plumbing companies do not? We have an 18 month labor warranty because we know how great our plumbers are. Additionally, we have complete confidence in their capabilities as well as their character. Our company carefully procures each member of our team to make sure they can live up to our company’s core values. Our team member’s ability to live up to those core values is reflected in the over 1000 positive reviews we have received on Google and Yelp. All of those reviews were written by people just like you who made an educated decision to work with Pristine Plumbing and were thrilled with their overall experience. Click here to read some of our reviews that Laguna Hills residents just like you have written.

We look forward to helping you with your leak detection needs. We hope you will choose to work with Pristine Plumbing on this plumbing project and allow us an opportunity to earn your business whenever you may need a plumbing company in the future. Call us anytime or chat with us here on our site.