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Leak Detection Emergency Services

At Pristine, we can keep water damage from occurring through proper repairs and maintenance. But when water leak emergencies occur, don’t worry—we can help.

Water Leaks & Water Damage

Are you facing serious water leaks? Call Pristine immediately. With our emergency services, you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you recover.

Our professionals will come out, repair the water leak, and prevent more damage from occurring. We offer quick service windows for emergencies to ensure timely service.

We can fix water leaks coming from broken appliances, water heaters, and plumbing; overflowing toilets, sinks, and bathtubs; and any other messy situations you’re facing.


Our experts use advanced leak detection to find the root of the problem before fixing it properly the first time. When you’re facing leaks and backups, Pristine is on the scene.


We can do routine maintenance on your home plumbing to keep water damage from occurring. At Pristine, we love focusing on preventative efforts!


After fixing the leak, one of our trusted partners can come out and assist with water damage restoration services. We’re proud to work with others who share our passion for service.

Irvine Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Irvine and Orange CountyAre you in need of leak detection Irvine and Orange County property owners? Pristine Plumbing is the most reputable full service plumbing and leak detection company in Irvine and Orange County. If you are located anywhere around Orange County, you have probably seen one of our company trucks on the road or in your neighborhood. Our plumbing company has been proud to call Orange County home for over a decade. We have developed a strong bond with our customers and our community. Pristine Plumbing offers the best prices on leak detection and plumbing services to residents who need our services. We are here when you need us 24 hours a day. We will answer your call any time of day. One of our helpful and knowledgeable team members will schedule your leak detection appointment at a time that is most convenient for you. Call us now to schedule or schedule your appointment by requesting an appointment in the chat window located and a lower right hand corner of the screen. You also have an option to click on the "Click here to request service" button. You'll be able to provide us with basic information about your service call needs and ideal appointment window. A member of the Pristine Plumbing team will respond quickly and confirm the appointment with you. Read more about Pristine Plumbing and leak detection services below.

What Makes Pristine Plumbing Special?

Irvine and Orange County Leak Detection FinancingFinancing – There are so many things that differentiate Pristine Plumbing from other Irvine and Orange County leak detection companies. So why did we choose to talk about financing first? Financing has been instrumental in allowing us to help vast numbers of members within our community. Leak detection and leak repairs are something that needs to be repaired right away. Waiting to address a leak can negatively impact to your property, your finances, and even your health. We felt it was imperative to find a way for us to help Irvine and Orange County property owners that may have financial constraints. Financing allows our Irvine and Orange County customers a way to pay for their leak detection and plumbing repair services without having to pay the entire amount due up front. Your leak detection and plumbing repair bill can be paid in small monthly payments opposed to one large lump sum. Pristine Plumbing is able to repair the damage to your plumbing system and you're able to reduce the financial impact of a plumbing emergency. It is a mutually beneficial option for our customers and our company. If you have questions about financing, we will be happy to address any and all of your questions regarding financing options.

Prices – Pristine Plumbing has some of the lowest prices you will be able to find from a licensed and insured plumbing company in Irvine and Orange County. A lot of our customers hire us because of our great prices but they continue to use us because of our remarkable quality of service. Let us just say that we know pricing is extremely important but it is crucial that you don't hire a plumbing company just based upon their prices. If a plumbing company quotes you an extremely low cost for leak detection services or plumbing repairs you may find that once they provide you with a final bill, it is much higher than their original estimate. That practice of giving a very low estimate and then drastically increasing the cost once the work has been completed is a practice called "bait-and-switch." Unfortunately it is all too common in the service industry. Pristine plumbing does not subscribe to such practices. We provide free in person estimates so we can have a better understanding of what the costs associated with a project may be. If you want an accurate estimate for leak detection Irvine and Orange County property owners, call Pristine Plumbing. We will locate any leak that is on your property and give you an accurate estimate on the cost of repairs. Keep in mind that financing options are available which will reduce your initial out of pocket costs.

Pipe Leak Detection Irvine and Orange CountyQuality – Pristine Plumbing will not sacrifice the quality of our service in order to complete a job faster. After all Pristine Plumbing has an 18 month warranty on all labor that is performed by a member of our team. If we were to cut corners and something went wrong with your plumbing due to our work, we would be the ones that would have to come back out to fix the problem at no cost to you. Our 18 month labor warranty really differentiates us from every other leak detection and plumbing company in Irvine and Orange County. The quality of our plumbing work matters to our customers, therefore it matters to us. We're not here to just meet your expectations but to exceed them and every way.

Reviews – We feel that reviews are a reflection of a company's dedication to their customers. They are the pulse of a company's health and wellbeing. However, positive reviews are not something we specifically set out to obtain. Pristine Plumbing's mission is to truly put our customer's needs first while we are providing the best service possible. Reviews are a byproduct of our company's desire to cater to our customers ever need. Pristine Plumbing follows up with every single customer to make sure we've exceeded your every expectation.

Our core values are largely responsible for our company's growth. We refer to our core values as "RITE core values."



Treat each other with dignity



Morals and honesty



Ability to rely on each other



Exceed each other’s expectations

We want to thank the greater community of Orange County for supporting Pristine Plumbing and allowing us to be one of the fastest growing plumbing companies in all of Southern California. We appreciate each and every one of our customers. Our company looks forward to our continued growth within the Irvine community.

Call Us Today for Leak Detection

If you're ready to get a free estimate on leak detection and related plumbing services, call us today. We're available anytime you need us. Whether your leak is related to a water supply line, sewer main line, a water heater, or a water softener, Pristine Plumbing is the best company to call. A professional and knowledgeable member of the Pristine Plumbing team looks forward to hearing from you.


“Pristine is OUTSTANDING. This is the highest, best, friendliest level of service I have ever received or even heard of from a plumber. I’ll never use anyone else again.” —Andrew L.

“From setting the appointment to resolving the issue, Pristine was great! This company clearly has two priorities - customer service and quality work. Dwain was professional, friendly and knowledgeable.” —Jennifer N.

“Ruben H. came, was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and got the work done quickly without hassle. I would certainly recommend Pristine Plumbing to anyone who needs work done.” —Steven T.


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