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Why choose Pristine Plumbing over other plumbing companies in Huntington Beach?

Plumbing Companies Huntington Beach

Pristine Plumbing has been serving Huntington Beach and surrounding areas with the highest rated quality service and customer satisfaction. All of our plumbers are completely trained, fully licensed, insured, and experienced that are capable of resolving any type plumbing issue. We offer around the clock service by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are constantly updating our equipment and offering the latest technology in many services. We never cut corners, and promise to communicate with you every single step of the way. Start your online quote now, or call us at (714) 397-5954 to schedule prompt service. For your convenience we now offer a 24/7 "Click Here to Chat" feature that will also put you in direct contact with a live dispatcher in your area. See our many testimonials, referrals, and reviews that prove how much we value all of our Huntington Beach customers.

Water Heaters – We offer all types of water heater repairs. We have a wide catalog of water heaters available for upgrades and replacements and offer tankless water heater installation as well. Water heaters can be extremely tricky to repair and replace. Do not attempt to do this on your own unless you are fully experienced in doing so. Do not be left with freezing water and a leaking water heater, call Pristine Plumbing today for water heater maintenance, repair, or installation.

Sewer Lines – We offer repair, and replacement of sewer lines to any Huntington Beach home or business. Other plumbing companies tend to be overwhelmed when dealing with sewer line replacement or repair. Pristine Plumbing can offer video inspection, drain cleaning, and any type of line repair or replacement needed.

Water Lines – If you are dealing with a leak in your yard or inside of your property, Pristine Plumbing can help you to identify the exact cause and location of the leak even if it is under a slab or in a wall. Re-piping, line repair, and replacement are what set Pristine Plumbing above other plumbing companies as we offer minimally invasive procedures like trench-less digging.

Huntington Beach Plumbing Companies

Bathrooms – Bathrooms are very commonly used rooms. From toilets, to sinks, to showers and tubs, bathrooms use and drain a lot of water on a daily basis. If you are dealing with a pesky clog, backed up toilet or are looking to remodel completely, Pristine Plumbing can help with any of your bathroom plumbing needs.

Kitchens – Kitchens are another room in your home that relies heavily on water. We use our kitchen sinks to clean our produce, wash our plates, and sanitize our home. Kitchens in Huntington Beach often include water powered appliances like garbage disposals and dishwashers. Pristine Plumbing is capable of repairing, replacing and installing any plumbing fixture in your kitchen.

Laundry Rooms and Garages – We are able to service your washing machines and any plumbing or faucets in your laundry room and garage. Perhaps you are looking to add a sink, or washroom to your garage, we can help with that. We have a wide range of plumbing fixtures to match any theme and lifestyles.

Gas Lines – Pristine Plumbing can help with gas leak detection and locations, gas pressure tests, and repairs and replacements to gas lines. Other plumbing companies will charge a lot more for gas line repair or re-piping. Pristine Plumbing will do everything we can to work with your budge and busy schedules.

Outdoor and Underground Plumbing – If you are looking to add irrigation lines or sprinklers, we can help. We also offer line detection services that will locate and mark the exact location of your outdoor and underground plumbing lines so they do not get damaged during any sort of landscaping work or renovations. We can also help you with sprinkler systems, outdoor faucets, spigots, and slab leaks detection and repairs.

Commercial Plumbing Services – We offer more than just residential plumbing to Huntington Beach and neighbors. We can service any and all types of commercial plumbing services. Regardless if you are dealing with a storefront, restaurants, retail space, or warehouse, We do it all. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Emergency Plumbing – Unlike other plumbing companies, we do not close or have shortened weekend hours. Pristine Plumbing is available around the clock with 24/7 customer care. If you are ever faced with a plumbing emergency, Pristine Plumbing can be there promptly to get your life back on schedule and your plumbing back to good again.

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Whether you are dealing with a drippy faucet or a burst pipe, Pristine Plumbing is ready and equipped to take on the job with trustworthy, honest, and affordable work that comes with quality care and guaranteed customer satisfaction. Call us today and ask about our discounts that can help save you money, today.

One of Huntington Beach's best plumbing companies, Huntington Beach turns to Pristine Plumbing when they need expert plumbers.