Burst Pipe Repair Services in Irvine

When a pipe bursts, you need to act fast to minimize the water damage. Pristine Plumbing, Inc. has technicians in Orange County standing by 24/7 to help with burst pipe repair.

Burst pipes don’t always send torrents of water into your home; they often begin as small, persistent leaks. Regardless of how they start, the water damage a burst pipe can inflict can run into the thousands if you don’t deal with it quickly. When faced with water leaking into the home because of pipe leaks, call the pros at Pristine Plumbing, Inc. We’ve served the Orange County homeowners since 2008.

What Causes a Pipe To Burst?

Burst pipes encountered in Southern California are usually caused by one of two things: excessive pressure, and blockages.

Excessive pressure: When pressure builds up inside of a pipe, it pushes out against the pipe walls until the pipe eventually gives out and bursts apart. Changes in pressure can be caused by:

  • Pinhole leaks in water lines
  • A shift in the earth, caused by an earthquake
  • Major clogs

If you notice a sudden change in water pressure, it's important to call a plumber right away.

Blockages or Clogs: As we mentioned, severe clogs in a pipe can cause pressure to build up behind the blockage. These clogs can be caused by anything from tree roots in underground pipes to debris that's collected in sewer pipes.

If you think your pipes might be blocked, it's important to call a professional plumber to have them cleaned as soon as possible.

We are your go-to drain cleaning specialists in Irvine, CA! From routine maintenance to an emergency blocked drain service, call us for help!

Burst Pipe Repair in Orange County

If you were to ask average homeowners what the most severe home plumbing problem is, they’d probably tell you it was burst pipes. Burst pipes have the potential to leak hundreds of gallons of water into your home and cause thousands of dollars in water damage.

The good news is that when Orange County homeowners have pipes that are in danger of bursting or pipe leaks, they have an expert plumbing company with decades worth of experience standing by, ready to help.

Whether you’re facing a persistent water leak or a burst pipe that’s spewing gallons of water into your home, you need a reliable plumbing company that can be there quickly to fix the problem and restore service.

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At Pristine Plumbing, Inc., we have decades’ worth of experience fixing water leaks that come from leaking and burst pipes, broken appliances, water heaters, and any other messy situations that arise.

Besides fixing water leaks, our experts also perform routine maintenance on your home’s plumbing to protect it from water damage.

The best way to guard against burst pipes is by taking simple preventative measures. If you’re not comfortable taking on these tasks or don’t have the time, call Pristine Plumbing, Inc. and let our experienced professionals take care of it for you.

If you have constant drain clogs, no matter what you do to fix them, contact us and ask about our professional drain cleaning service.

At Pristine Plumbing, Inc., we’ve helped Orange County residents protect their homes from burst pipes since 2008. To schedule an appointment, call us at (714) 397-5954.