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When you have a drain that continues clogging no matter what you do to fix it, call in the pros at Pristine Plumbing, Inc. in Orange County for effective, thorough drain cleaning services.

Clogged drains are a common household nuisance, but it’s not something you have to simply live with. If you’re dealing with persistent clogs and don’t want to risk your plumbing using harsh chemicals, call Pristine Plumbing, Inc.. We’ve served Orange County homeowners since 2008 with expert drain cleaning services. We guarantee that your drains will flow like new and that we’ll leave your home in pristine condition when we’re done.

When facing a plumbing situation in the middle of the night or weekend, you can count on us and our emergency services available 24/7.

Clogged Drain Repair Done Right

As long as your drains are running smoothly, you probably don’t ever give them a second thought. However, if you think about how much work your plumbing system does every day moving water in both directions, it’s a wonder the system doesn’t become gunked up more often. Still, with all of the debris that goes into your plumbing, combined with normal wear and tear, clogs are bound to occur.

Depending on where the clog lies in the system, it may be challenging to identify. Clogs near the fixture are easy to spot and repair, while clogs in a drainage line pose challenges. So, when you have a clog, you may wonder whether it’s prudent to fix it yourself or to call a professional.

To help you decide, here are a few things to consider.

Annual Drain Cleaning

If you commit to having your drains professionally cleaned at least once a year, you’ll not only improve the efficiency of your home’s plumbing, but you’ll also prolong the lifespan of the system.

Preventative Maintenance

Hiring a professional plumber to maintain your drain lines helps you catch minor issues before they become expensive headaches. Routine drain maintenance is far less costly than repairing major issues with your drain lines.

Older Plumbing System

All Orange County homeowners can benefit from routine drain and plumbing maintenance; however, if your drainage system is getting up there in years, regular care is critical for maintaining the health and integrity of the plumbing. For example, older homes are more likely to have trees and other vegetation growing too close to their main sewer lines, which can mean tree root infestation if you don’t clean them regularly.

Drain Emergencies

No matter how handy you are, drain emergencies are best left to the professionals. If you notice that your drains are moving more slowly, back up completely, or if you have sewage waste backing up into your home, contact a professional drain cleaning company immediately.

Before calling another plumbing company, consider Pristine Plumbing, Inc. as your first choice in Orange County for expert drain cleaning services and other plumbing repairs.

Our Floor Drain Repair

The drains in your floors keep debris from going down into your plumbing system and slowing water flow. However, floor drains are still susceptible to clogging like the other drains in your home.

A backed-up floor drain usually means there’s a clog that’s close to the fixture, but if you have multiple drains that are clogged, it could be an issue in the main sewer line. Regardless of where the issue is, you can count on our decades’ worth of experience to resolve your issue quickly and without making a mess in your home.

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Benefits Of Hiring A Drain Cleaning Company

When homeowners experience clogged drains, most of them reach for a plunger or a chemical drain cleaner. However, these remedies don’t always remove the clog entirely, and chemical products can do more harm than good. Now, while some may scoff at hiring a plumber for drain cleaning, consider the following benefits.

Safer, More Effective Cleaning

As mentioned, typical remedies for dealing with clogs don’t always work. If the clog is deep in your plumbing system, plungers are ineffective, and chemical drain cleaners are known to damage certain piping materials, leading to leaks and bursts down the road. When you hire a pro, not only do you get drain cleaning that’s safe for your plumbing, but professionals have tools and techniques that provide a thorough cleaning that leaves your drains free-flowing for longer.

Eliminate Persistent Clogs

Have you ever had a clog that returns no matter what you do? If so, chances are other issues are causing the problem. Professional plumbers are experts at removing accumulated debris and gunk inside your pipes to leave them in like-new condition and ensure the clog doesn’t return.

Saves Time & Money

Dealing with severe clogs takes up a lot of your valuable time, and there’s no guarantee that the typical drain cleaning solutions will work for the long term. Hiring a pro allows you to focus on the more essential chores of running a household. Also, professionals provide thorough cleaning solutions, which means you save money not buying drain cleaners.

Extends Your Plumbing’s Longevity

By performing routine preventative cleaning on your plumbing, you prevent debris from building up, leading to water pressure issues that can weaken joints and cause leaks. Regular maintenance ensures that your plumbing runs smoothly for many years to come.

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Benefits Of Drain Liners

Depending on the severity of the problem within your home’s drainage system, repairing it can be a challenge. Many drain lines are buried under concrete or run behind brick walls, which means tearing up portions of your property to fix them, which can be expensive.

However, there are solutions that allow plumbers to repair drain problems without major excavation or disturbance to your property, and that’s by using a technique called drain lining.

Drain lining involves installing a polymer lining into the drain, which then bonds to the inside of the pipe. While this technique reduces the diameter of the pipe and reduces water flow, it’s a much-preferred alternative to digging up your property to conduct repairs.

If you have significant drain problems but don’t want to deal with the headache and expense that comes with traditional drain repair, call Pristine Plumbing, Inc. to find out if drain lining is an option for you.

When hiring a drain cleaning company, experience and integrity count. Pristine Plumbing has served the residents of Orange County since 2008. We guarantee to provide you with high-quality work with outstanding customer service—Call (714) 397-5954 to schedule an appointment.