Gas Line Repair in Irvine

Gas line repair isn’t a DIY project -- it’s something best left to experienced professionals to ensure your safety and to protect your valuable property. In Orange County, call the trusted local gas line repair company Pristine Plumbing, Inc..

Any handyperson can fix minor water line problems; however, gas lines are a different story. If you make a mistake trying to repair a gas line yourself, you put your family and your home at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or worse. At Pristine Plumbing, Inc., our professionals have been repairing gas lines in Orange County since 2008. Our technicians undergo continuous training to ensure that repairs are done right the first time and that your family is safe.

You can also count on Pristine Plumbing, Inc. for quick, accurate gas leak detection.

Why You Need A Pro For Gas Pipe Repair

While most homeowners that use natural gas as a fuel source do so without incident, natural gas is still a highly combustible product and has the potential to cause major destruction if you’re not careful. It’s natural to want to save a few bucks and fix household issues yourself, but with natural gas, here’s why you must leave it to a professional.

Doing It Yourself Is Dangerous

If you make a mistake repairing a water line yourself, the worst you’ll end up with is a mess. However, because gas lines carry highly combustible gas, a mistake made during repairs can be catastrophic. For safe, effective gas line repair, trust a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Gas Line Repair Requires Specialized Knowledge

Again, if you want to attempt to fix a water line yourself, you can find plenty of DIY help online and probably do a reasonable job. Gas plumbing, however, requires the skills and knowledge that come from years of training and experience. Not all plumbers have the knowledge to fix gas lines, which is why you must hire a company that has experience in this area.

Hiring A Professional Protects Your Home & Family

Many Orange County homeowners rely on gas-powered appliances for day-to-day living, so when something goes wrong, it’s good to have peace of mind knowing that a highly-trained professional has fixed your gas lines and appliances to ensure the safety of your home and family.

Signs You Have An In-Home Gas Leak

Many Orange County homeowners rely on gas to power appliances like dryers, ovens, furnaces, and water heaters. And while most of these people never experience problems, a gas leak isn’t something you ever want to ignore.

Here are the most common signs that you have a gas leak and that you must call a professional for repairs immediately.

Unpleasant Rotten Egg Odor

Gas has no natural odor, so suppliers add a chemical called mercaptan to give the gas its familiar rotten egg or sulfur odor to warn people that something is wrong. If you smell this odor in your home, get out of the house and call your utility company and a gas line repair company.

Hissing Sounds

Hissing sounds coming from a gas-powered appliance usually means that you have a gas leak. As mentioned earlier, gas line repair is best left to a trained professional. If you know where the main gas shut-off valve is, close it and call for help.

Dying House Plants

Household plants die for various reasons, but if you’re sure it isn’t because you lack a green thumb, you may investigate to see if there’s a slow gas leak that’s causing the problem.

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What Is A Gas Fitter & Why You Need One

We’ve discussed why it’s essential that you hire a professional to repair your gas lines, but it’s worth mentioning that you need a pro to install your gas-powered appliances. Why? Well, for starters, there are many risks that come with installing gas appliances. Improperly installed appliances can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

Gas fitters are highly-trained and certified to install gas appliances, which means you can rest assured that the appliance installation is done correctly and safely for the protection of your family and property. Also, professional gas fitters will inspect your gas system to ensure everything is in order and working properly.

Lastly, professional gas fitters will give you expert advice to run your appliances without issue and to prevent potential life-threatening problems.

Whether you need gas line repair or a gas appliance hook up, you can rely on the experts at Pristine Plumbing, Inc.. In Orange County, call (714) 397-5954.