Irvine Sewer Line Camera Inspection Service

Sewer camera inspection is the most effective way to diagnose drain and sewer problems. In Orange County, call Pristine Plumbing, Inc..

Finding the problem with your sewer system is challenging since these pipes are typically buried. The best way to quickly diagnose clogs and other issues is with a sewer drain camera inspection. Since 2008, Pristine Plumbing, Inc. has provided a wide range of sewer services to Orange County residents and beyond. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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Benefits Of A Sewer Drain Video Inspection

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to visually determine what’s wrong with your sewer line because it’s usually buried underground. The best way to figure out what’s going on is by using a sewer camera. Here are the most significant benefits of this service.

Time Savings

Back in the day, the only way to diagnose a plumbing issue in your main sewer line is to dig up portions of your yard to inspect the pipe. Not only was this inconvenient for the homeowner, it was also expensive. Today, modern technology allows plumbers to see exactly what’s going on in your sewer system by inserting a tiny HD camera, which saves time and money.

Reduced Labor Costs

A typical sewer camera inspection takes a few hours, which means you don’t have to fork over hundreds of dollars in labor costs to dig up the pipe to find out what the problem is.

Quicker, More Accurate Diagnosis

Because sewer line video inspection takes up so little time, it’s a much quicker way to diagnose the problem than by excavating the property. Also, the HD cameras plumbers use provide a clear picture of where the problem is so they can devise a solution without having to guess.

If you’re having issues with your home’s drains, the problem could be in your sewer pipe. Contact us and ask about our sewer camera inspection services.

How Sewer Pipe Cameras Work

Now that you know the benefits of a sewer camera inspection, let’s look at this technology to find out how it works and why it’s such an effective tool for plumbers and homeowners.

The easiest way to diagnose sewer problems is by using a sewer camera, which is a small HD camera attached to a flexible rod. The plumber inserts this rod into your sewer pipe and guides it through the system. The camera sends back HD video in real time giving the plumber a clear picture of the conditions in your sewer line. One of the greatest benefits of this technology is that the flexible rod easily snakes around corners, giving the plumber maximum flexibility to move throughout the entire system.

While sewer video inspections allow the plumber to pinpoint the location of the problem, they can also quickly identify the cause of the blockage. Sewer video inspections are ideal for finding tree root infestations, ruptures, and other issues. Once identified, your plumbing professional can devise the perfect solution to restore order to your plumbing system, usually without having to dig up the pipe.

Whatever the problem you’re having with your sewer line, you can count on Pristine Plumbing for expert sewer line repair.

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