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Water Filtration & Softener

We also install Nuvo home filtration systems.

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Are you providing the cleanest possible water to your family or guests? While the tap water in Irvine and Orange County, CA is deemed safe to drink with no major health risks, chlorine and other pollutants are coming through your taps. Pristine Plumbing can install a whole home water filtration system that will make your water safer to drink and better for your appliances and healthier for your family’s skin and hair.

We are a certified installer for Aquasana water filtration systems, whose whole home filtration products are certified by NSF to remove 97% of the chlorine in your water. Contact us for a consultation on the best system for your home or business.

Better Quality Water for All

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Drinking Water and 5 Other Places You Should Have Healthier Water

There are many benefits to a whole home water filtration system. Beyond better tasting and safer drinking water, you will want the cleanest water possible in these areas of your home as well:

  1. Shower
    As you shower, you are breathing in the contents of that evaporating water. The steam could include contaminants like chlorine or other chemicals found in unfiltered municipal water. You are also absorbing these pollutants into your skin and hair. Filtered water in the shower could also result in softer hair and longer lasting color.
  2. Bathtub
    Like the shower, the water coming from the tub can contain the same contaminants. If you have children or pets you bathe in the tub, you’ll want to protect them as well. A shower head filter will protect the shower water, but only a whole home system can filter the water in every tap of your home.
  3. Bathroom and Kitchen sink
    Hand washing goes along with hygiene as a part of total health and we wash our hands A LOT. If your water has traces of bacteria, you may not be getting your hands truly clean. Water filtration can reduce contaminants such as pesticides, lead, mercury and more.
  4. Air (evaporation)
    Steam from the shower or the dishwasher means evaporating water is entering the air you breathe every day. Filtering your water can improve the air quality in your home, removing the chlorine before it enters your air.
  5. Appliances
    Your refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine are also exposed to whatever is in your water. Filtering your water can reduce corrosion and scale build up extending the life of your appliances. Your water also affects your clothes! Cleaner water allows you to use less detergent and can give your clothes brighter colors and longer life. Saving you time and money.

Pristine Plumbing will help you find the best warrantied and trusted water filtration solution for your home, commercial kitchen, or business.

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