Shower Repair Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Shower Repair

Bathrooms are one of the most used and occupied spaces in any Costa Mesa home or business. It is usually the room we go to when we are planning to start and end our days. Pesky plumbing issues should be the last of your problems. When you start to experience plumbing problems in your bathroom, you should waste no time in contacting the knowledgeable experts at Pristine Plumbing to come and get them all taken care of and have your plumbing system running like new again. Putting off or neglecting plumbing issues can result in costly damage down the road.

Emergency Plumbing Services and 24/7 Customer Care

Pristine Plumbing offers quick and reliable service to all Costa Mesa residents and commercial properties. Whenever a plumbing issue arises you can count on us to take it on regardless of the size, time of day, or the severity. We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will never tack on hidden fees. We offer only upfront pricing and do what we can to work with your schedule.

At Pristine Plumbing we provide full service plumbing by offering a full range of plumbing services around the clock to all of our Costa Mesa neighbors.

Some of our services includes the following:

Dripping Sink Faucets


  • Shower repair and installation
  • Sink and faucet repair and installation
  • Toilet repair and installation
  • Drain maintenance and cleaning
  • Re-piping
  • Clogs
  • Leaks
  • Upgrades and water efficient options


  • Garbage disposal repair and installation
  • Sink faucet and drain repair and maintenance
  • Dishwasher installation, maintenance and repair
  • Water filtration and water conditioning treatment systems
  • Drain cleaning
  • Clogs and leaks
  • Remodel and upgrades

Laundry and Garage

  • Tankless and tank water heater installation and repair
  • Faucet repair and maintenance
  • Drain cleaning
  • Laundry and other water powered appliance installation and repair services


  • Trenchless digging
  • Irrigation line installation and repair
  • Remodeling and plumbing pipe location and identification
  • Inspections

We also offer full service plumbing beyond the run of the mil shower repair. We can service all industrial, commercial, retail, and restaurants in our area. Call us today and let us prove to you why we are in the most trusted and highest rated plumbing companies in all of Costa Mesa and surrounding areas.

Shower Repair Services

If your Costa Mesa home is having issues like a shower that is starting to leak, you should know that we have an extremely large catalogue of every type of plumbing fixture we can install or help you to upgrade that will give you the shower you have always dreamed of.

We offer every type of shower upgrade and replacement in the all of the leading brands including:

  • Standing showers
  • Shower and bathtub combinations
  • Stand alone bathtubs
  • Spa fixtures
  • Jetted bathtubs
  • Drain pipes
  • Hot and cold water lines
  • Water softening treatments
  • Caulking or sealing

You can request more information today on our extensive list of services, features, and fixtures offered by Pristine Plumbing by calling (714) 397-5954 and speaking with one of our friendly dispatchers.

Signs I Am in Need of Shower Repair Services

When plumbing issues start to happen, they usually come accompanied with a set of symptoms that can be easily identified.

Some possible signs include:

  • Clanking, banging, rattling, bubbling, gurgling sounds coming from your pipes or drains can be signs that you are dealing with a clog or issues with a fixture or water heater. These should be addressed immediately.
  • Bizarre or foul odors coming from your water spouts or drains could be a result of sewage gas working its way up though your pipes, or debris that have begun to rot and fester within your pipes causing them to smell badly. Smells emitting from your plumbing should never be ignored, especially if you are smelling sewage or are having fresh water that smells like anything other than fresh water.
  • Dealing with an occasional clog that can be easily fixed with a plunger, is generally no major cause for concern. However, if you are starting to have issues with repeated and frequent clogs, you should have a plumber come out to your location right away. Clogs left untreated can actually burst or damage your pipes severely.
  • Slow drains can be frustrating as well as gross. No one wants to stand in dirty shower water, or not have their soapy water from washing their hands take forever to drain. Sluggish or backed up drains are often caused from clogs within your plumbing network and should be handled immediately to avoid further damage from being done.

No matter the size or the room of your home or business giving you plumbing problems, Pristine Plumbing is here to help with prompt, professional, and efficient plumbing services that are available around the clock whenever you might need us. If you need shower repair in Costa Mesa, call Pristine Plumbing today. We are available to take care of any problem, 24/7. Ask about our free estimates.