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If you live in Tustin and are in need of repair or replacement of sink faucets in your home, look no further than Pristine Plumbing. Whether you are looking to have those leaky faucets repaired, or you are completing an entire remodeling project, we are the plumbing experts to trust. Too often plumbing installations are done incorrectly resulting in costly repairs. Our experienced experts have all of the necessary tools and training to get the job completed effectively and running efficiently the first time. Pristine Plumbing is available any time of day or night with 24 hour customer care, to handle any plumbing issue or emergency that can pop up.

We offer a vast variety of all the latest brands in water filters, sink faucets, plumbing fixtures, water heaters, water filtration systems, and much more. We understand how the look, style and feel of a fixture can help to transform the look of any room in a home. We also understand that different lifestyles require different needs around the home. We have a large selection to choose from to help you achieve the exact theme, look, feel, and functionality that best fits your home, business, comfort level, lifestyle, and budget.

Dripping Sink Faucets Tustin

Common Mistakes Made by Tustin Property Owners

Ignoring Signs of Damaged or Leaking Sink Faucets – This can be a costly and very frustrating mistake to make. Not attending to damaged or leaking sink faucets can create a long list of issues. A seemingly harmless drip can do more than just annoy you with its endless and relentless dripping sound, It can destroy your faucet, the pipes, the drain below it, and any surface around it. Did you know that it only takes 48 hours for toxic mold to begin growing in damp areas? Mold can be very harmful to you and the pets in your home. Water damage can be very expensive to remove and replace. Do not ignore any water that is pooling, dripping, or leaking from one of your sink faucets, shower, or appliances.

Not Using the Proper Tools – If you are trying to inspect, or repair a minor plumbing issue around your Tustin home or business, it is important that you are using all of the proper tools and have all of the knowledge necessary to do the job correctly. Something as simple as fixing a worn out washer on your sink faucets can go very wrong quickly if the wrong tool is being used. Avoid costly damage, repair and replacements by having a full understanding of the job at hand, and if you are capable of doing it, or better off hiring a professional.

Harsh Chemicals Being Used to Clean Sink Faucets, Fixtures, and Clear Our Drains – Commercial cleaners and commercial drain cleaning products can do a lot of damage to your properties plumbing system. Harsh chemicals being used on your fixtures to clean them can cause the parts inside of them to erode or wear down quicker. Specifically rubber o rings, and washers. Commercial drain cleaning products going down your drains to seemingly clean them out or clear a clog can actually chew through your pipes and cause them to break, leak, or burst. We recommend using hot water and vinegar instead or harsh commercial cleaners to clean your fixtures and pour down your drains.

Do It Yourself at Home Projects – There is nothing wrong with taking on a DIY project here and there. However, not all jobs can and should be done yourself. It is extremely important to know what the exact issue is, where it is, if you have the proper tools, materials and experience to do it, and if you are willing to take on the risk of something going very wrong. Some of the most common phone calls we receive are to repair items that have been damaged or broken in the owner's attempt to save time and money. Not installing a kitchen sink properly can badly damage counters. Not installing sink faucets properly can badly damage sinks. Improper sealing, caulking, or grout can damage any surface around it and spore mold. Save yourself the stress and worry, and call Pristine Plumbing to get the job done with a guarantee and peace of mind.

Ignoring or Putting off Scheduling Routine Maintenance – Routing maintenance is extremely important for all homes and businesses in Tustin. This includes your plumbing system as well. Keeping an eye on your indoor and outdoor plumbing, sink faucets, drains, and appliances will help you to spot signs of distress early on and get them fixed before they turn into a complete plumbing emergency. It is recommended to have your sink faucets inspected by the owner ever 6 to 8 months, and inspected professionally every 2 to 3 years.

Pristine Plumbing looks forward to showing you why we are the top rated plumbing service in all of Tustin.

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