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Backflow from contaminated water can get into your plumbing without proper maintenance. At Pristine, we offer trusted testing services to keep your water clean and your family safe.

Water Backflow Testing, Repair & Service

Water backflow refers to when dirt or other contaminated substances find their way into your water supply due to water flowing in the opposite direction.

Serious health risks can result from dirt or chemicals entering your plumbing. That’s why it’s so important to allow backflow testing to assess and protect your water supply.

Call on Pristine’s qualified professionals for backflow testing if you think that your water may be contaminated. When it comes to your water, it pays to be safe!


Our experts will check valves for the correct pressure to ensure you are not at risk of water backflow. We also use devices called air gaps to monitor your water pressure.


If backflow is happening in your plumbing, we can repair the root of the issue. We know how water backflow works and will make sure it doesn’t affect you or your family.


Regular plumbing maintenance can keep water backflow at bay within your home. Contact Pristine to see how we can service your plumbing today.


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