Water Heater Repair Brea

Water Heater Repair BreaNo hot water? There is never a good time to have issues with a water heater. Pristine Plumbing is here to help you get your water heater working again at the lowest possible cost. Simply put, if you’re having trouble with your water heater, Pristine Plumbing is the best water heater repair company in Brea to call. We provide free estimates and a free whole house plumbing inspection. All you have to do is schedule a time for us to come out and inspect your water heater. Then, one of our licensed plumbers will inspect and identify the issue with your water heater quickly. Whether your water heater needs to be repaired or it’s time to replace your old water heater, Pristine Plumbing will take care of everything for you. We are here to answer any questions about your water heater or our company. If you are ready to get the ball rolling and schedule: chat with us right here on our site, fill out our contact form, or simply give us a call. Pristine Plumbing looks forward to helping you get hot water quickly.


Those who need water heater repair in Brea consider price to be the most important factor when choosing a company to hire for water heater repair. As a matter of fact most of our customers in Brea ended up choosing to do business with Pristine Plumbing because of our low prices. There are certainly other things that people appreciate about our company such as a great reputation but our low prices are the most common reason we get hired. A broken water heater is always unexpected. Therefore, it an extra expense that no one could factor into their budget. When you choose to do business with Pristine Plumbing, you will not have to spend more than you need to receive high quality water heater repair services.

Every Brea water heater repair company will claim you will save money by choosing their company. So what makes Pristine Plumbing different? How does Pristine Plumbing actually save you money compared to the other water heater companies? Financing is one of the best ways we have found to lower initial out-of-pocket costs. Pristine Plumbing has worked hard to find the best financing companies for our clients. Financing will convert one large lump sum into small affordable monthly payments. It reduces the amount you have to pay initially for water heater repair or replacement to the lowest amount possible.

Pristine Plumbing will continue to look for ways to lower our prices without lowering our standards of service. Our experienced plumbers will provide you with an accurate analysis of your water heater. We will provide you with a written estimate on water heater repair or replacement. We believe that written estimates should always be given so there are no surprises or catches when it comes to the price you will pay. Ultimately Pristine Plumbing will allow you to decide whether or not a repair or replacement is in your budget. If you do not feel that a water heater repair or replacement is within your budget, please keep in mind that financing options are available. Applying for financing only takes a few moments and is a simple process.

Free Whole House Plumbing Inspections

No seriously. We provide free whole house plumbing inspections. Why would we provide free plumbing inspections? It allows us to be able to locate any underlying plumbing issue without you having to pay extra for it. It is not our intent to sell you services you do not need. It is out of an abundance of caution. We cannot tell you how many times we have discovered leaking pipes during a free whole house plumbing inspection. Early discovery of leaks can save you huge sums of money on water damage restoration services. Pristine Plumbing will not tell that you need to replace your water heater if is simply needs to be repaired. There are a lot of issues that could cause your water heater to working. Not all of them will lead to a replacement. Pilot lights can go out, gas valves and or thermocouples can fail. Simply put, Pristine Plumbing is here to help you minimize your costs to get hot water back in your home quickly.

Types of Water Heaters

Water Heater BreaStandard Water Heaters – A standard water heater is the type you will find in almost every home in Brea. They have a tank full of about 40-60 gallons of water. Natural gas is used to keep the water within the tank at a constant temperature. Standard water heaters are chosen the most often by homeowners because they are the most inexpensive option. One of the drawbacks of a standard water heater is they use more energy on a monthly basis. Additionally, standard water heaters do not last as long as tankless water heaters. Standard water heaters will need to be replaced every 8 to 15 years on average.

Tankless Water Heater BreaTankless Water Heaters – If a tankless water heater is within your budget, you should unquestionably choose a tankless water heater. They are superior to a standard water heater in every way. Tankless water heaters use a substantially lower amount of energy. Secondly, they can last three to four times longer than a standard water heater. Believe it or not, a tankless water heater can actually last 30 years or longer. Here is the best thing about a tankless water heater, you will never run out of hot water. Standard water heaters can only heat 40-60 gallons of water at a time. Tankless water heaters on the other hand can heat an unlimited amount of water. Tankless water heaters pass water through a heating element which heats the water instantly. If you have questions about tankless water heaters, we are here to help provide answers to those questions. If you want a tankless water heater in Brea, give us a call so we can give you a quote.

To Repair or Replace, That Is the Question

Choosing whether to repair or replace a water heater is always a tough decision. One of our expert plumbers will give you their recommendations based upon their assessment of your water heater. However, we let you decide whether or not you would like to replace or repair your water heater. That being said, there are some water heaters that cannot safely be repaired. We recommend considering the age of your water heater when making your choosing to repair or replace. Choosing to repair a water heater that will not last longer than another year or two is usually not the best option. Small repairs to an older water heater may not be a bad idea. However, it truly depends upon the condition of the water heater and cost of the repair. If a water heater is not in poor shape, it will make more sense financially in the long run to replace the water heater. Don’t forget to ask us about the financing options we have available for all tankless and standard water heaters.

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Have questions? Great! We have answers. Pristine Plumbing is here to help you in any way we can. We want to thank you for considering Pristine Plumbing for your water heater repair needs. You can trust that our plumbing company will provide you with the best quality of service at the lowest possible price. Pristine Plumbing is the right plumbing company to choose for water heater repair in Brea. Speak with one of Brea's plumbing experts today. We would love to speak with you.